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Rockstar Making Headway Against Online Modders


It seems that we're about to enter a new chapter in GTA Online's endless war on hackers. However, regardless of how good all this may seem, it is likely only a matter of time before they come up with something else to slip through the net with. Modders and hackers in GTA Online have been getting past Rockstar's net for years on the last-gen consoles and Online modding has been an issue on PC since launch.


The constant tug of war going on between Rockstar and the modders has driven the developer to some drastic measures in the past. Around the time of the two Ill-Gotten Gains DLCs the modding scene, and then the whole community, took the proverbial bullet intended for the illegals.

The first round of heavy-duty anti-modding measures came into play with the 1.27 update which went ahead and nuked mods all-round. Until then using mods in single player was allowed and while technically Rockstar's policy didn't change, the update essentially disabled them. Modders swiftly banded together though and went around the new block, thus again enabling the use of mods.

In the next update Rockstar got mad. They clogged up the code of the game with so much dead scripting and anti-modding measures that they broke the game outright.

Of course this wasn't viable and soon they rolled back the changes, instead implementing a secret stat tracking system. The effectiveness of this method has always been update for debate, but now players have begun reporting progress.

Quite a few players have stated that they haven't met a modder in near a week and it seems that most popular Online tools have been disabled. And again, because there is going to be those of you that read this article and ask - GTA BOOM does not condone cheating in GTA Online!


They can now detect all .dll based injectors, meaning free public trainers like Infamous and Jordans are unsafe to use. In the recent 2-3 days, they've started to detect and ban the clonehookv2 file and ev1 injection

Could this mean that for a few months at least, GTA Online could be modder free? What are your thoughts, how long will this last?


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