GTA 5 Developers Trademark "Judas"

With the time until E3 slowly passing, GTA 5 fans are getting more and more riled up about what it could possibly be that Rockstar will unveil at the massive gaming press event. Following GTA V's massive success, the team is undoubtedly working on their next big project and based on a comment from Take-Two Interactive's CEO, they just might reveal what that is this summer.

Of course, the speculation has been high ever since. Many players assume it to be the obvious choice of GTA 6, which we now know is officially under development. Others hope that it is a follow up to the massively popular Red Dead Redemption. Some speculate it could be an entirely new IP - though this is made unlikely based on Take-Two press releases.



The recently publicized work-in-progress screenshots from the mysteriously disappeared "Agent" game suggest that the project was scrapped - or rebuilt from the ground up. The game was supposed to be a spy game similar to GTA as a PS3 exclusive. Could it end up being a launch title of the upcoming PS4 upgrade?

Either way, Take-Two's most recent move didn't help clear things up. A few eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the company has filed a new trademark which poses more questions than it answers. About a week ago, the word "Judas" was trademarked by Take-Two.


The specific file classification makes it clear that the name would be used for some kind of video game, however there isn't any subtitle attached - it might not even be a title. For all we know this could simply be the name/codename of the protagonist.

Since not long after GTA 5 launched, people immediately began to ask what's next for Rockstar? Grand Theft Auto isn't the only thing on their plate, with newer releases including Max Payne 3 and L. A. Noire, backed up by older classics like Manhunt and The Midnight Club.


Chances are we will see the return of a well liked, pre-established franchise or Agent at E3 as opposed to something completely new. But which franchise does "Judas" fit in to? Could it be the agent's call sign? The name of the next GTA or Manhunt protagonist? Maybe "Judas" itself is a subtitle, to be tacked on after the name of the franchise it is related to. It's unlikely that this is somehow related to The Midnight Club, but the other franchises, even Red Dead, are possibilities.

Which franchise, other than GTA, can you see "Judas" somehow fitting into?

Aron Gerencser
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