Rockstar Job Listing Possibly Hints At International GTA 6 Setting

The desperate Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor mill is working overtime as the end of yet another year without any official news approaches.


After two instances of secret messages thought to be seen in license plates in GTA trailers and one previous job listing based rumor, the community is reading into another open position at the company - GTA 6 might be going international.

In a new open job position, Rockstar Games is looking for a Photogrammetry Artist at its Toronto offices. Broadly speaking, the role involves using various imaging and measuring implements to create highly detailed and accurate scans of real landscapes, locations and environments in a digital space, to be used for in-game assets. It's a fascinating process, allowing for games to be set in highly realistic worlds and helps with things like environment scaling.


While the job itself seems like an absolute blast, the interesting bit comes from the description of tasks and responsibilities that come with this position - while whoever gets the job would become a full-time employee in Oakville, it seems like the Canadian tundra isn't the only thing you'll be scanning - scan locations can be international as well.

Now, from a calm and rational standpoint, not much should be read into this. There is no indication this is in any way for GTA 6, and as a long term full-time employee we imagine the company assumes whoever gets hired will be around for multiple projects presumably. There can also be other reasons for locations scans of international locations being needed - after all, we already went abroad to Cayo Perico in GTA Online and Guarma in RDR2.

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That said 'calm and rational' isn't really how the GTA fandom likes to do things, so naturally this one job listing was enough to single handedly reignite those popular rumors about GTA 6 being set abroad. These were the prevalent rumors and alleged leaks years ago before the mass consensus that the next title is going back to Vice City.

Of course, it's not like the story can't take place in multiple locations - GTA games have taken the protagonists on lengthy plane trips to far off lands for the sake of one or two missions in the past, hardly making this particularly novel. It's also easy to assume that future GTA Online DLC will have other international locations alongside Cayo Perico.


All of this is assuming that whoever gets the job will be involved with the GTA franchise at all - Rockstar does have other IPs as well. It's a classic reach, and another example of the fandom being starved out for official news about the most anticipated unannounced game in the entire gaming world. That said, since most estimates put the game's earliest realistic release year as 2025, we're guessing anything remotely official is still a long way away.

That said, it ain't no rumor that this photogrammetry position - whatever game it is related to - seems like an absolute blast. Bonus qualifications that, while not necessary, are pluses for applying include drone flying skills and working with actors.

Just imagine, you'd roam the country spatially imaging beautiful landscapes and occasionally making elaborate scans with a drone of some colleagues wearing those motion capture leotards with the bright spots. It probably involves a lot of compiling and editing at the office after, but still!


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