Rockstar Hosting Friday 13th GTA Online Event All Weekend

Yesterday a less-than-frequent occurrence took place, wherein the 13th day of the month happened to fall on a Friday. Among superstitious people, whenever a Friday falls on the 13th, it is a sign of bad luck and that terrible things are going to happen, which, unfortunately turned out to be true this year (our hearts go out to France).

The superstition’s origins can be traced back to the 1307 when on the 13th of October, Friday, the members of the Templar order were wrongfully arrested and tortured en masse. Some would say that yesterday’s events make this a bad time for such an event. But no one knew in advance what would happen, the preparations for the event have been made, and we all could use some distraction.


The weekend event takes place during the last few days of the active-period of the Halloween Surprise DLC, meaning that once the 16th dawns, you won’t be able to acquire most of the DLC’s sweet new content (at least till next Halloween) – however everything you do get stays yours afterwards. The Friday the 13th GTA Online weekend event lasts from, well, you know, Friday the 13th until Sunday the 15th.

At long last, players have a chance to rake in some serious cash to pay their lowrider costs, as both races and the Slasher Adversary Mode will be rewarding players with double GTA $ and RP payouts. This is made all the easier with the official Slasher playlist running throughout the whole event.


You’ll also get rewarded simply for logging in every day this weekend. Each day of the event, a unique, one of a kind shirt is unlocked with a special Vinewood horror film print. Friday’s shirt is The Simian, Vampires on the Beach is Saturday, with Splatter and Shot closing it up on Sunday.

Who’s excited to rack up some cash in GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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