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GTA 6 reveal soon? Insider's tweet with Take-Two CEO fuels hype

It would make sense for GTA 6 to be revealed soon as Take-Two Interactive has been extra vigilant about GTA 6 leaks lately.

You're probably wondering why the buzz surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 is more hyped up that usual today, and why a lot of people are saying that the game might be officially revealed soon.

The reason for all this commotion is Hip Hop Gamer, one of the most well-respected video game journalists.

The infamous PS5 leaker recently tweeted a photo of himself together with the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick, where he mentioned that GTA 6 is a "forever moment to remember." Hip Hop Gamer then used this opportunity to thank Rockstar Games for their latest collaboration, which many presume is related to GTA 6.

You can't blame fans for feeling excited about every mention of GTA 6, especially since we have gotten little information about the upcoming GTA 6 game since its actual confirmation last year.

While it's unclear what's really happening, fans are excited about what's to come.

As we've mentioned previously, Hip Hop Gamer has a ton of credibility within the gaming industry. The said leaker was responsible for spilling the tea on the PlayStation 5's hardware specifications in 2019, way before Sony officially revealed it.

We'd love to see GTA 6 be revealed at a PlayStation Showcase even if it's not going to be exclusive to the PS5.

Coincidentally, the GTA 6 tease comes as rumors are swirling that a PlayStation Showcase is happening in May or June.

It's possible Rockstar could reveal GTA 6 at an unannounced Sony event. Both companies have enjoyed a longstanding partnership, with several popular games by Rockstar released first on PlayStation consoles, some with exclusive content.

All in all, it's an excellent time to be a GTA fan, and we can't wait to find out what's next.

In the meantime, GTA fans can keep themselves busy with GTA Online. The latest update is a celebration of 4/20 day.


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