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Rockstar Games At E3: What To Expect

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, arguably the biggest annual event in gaming, is just a few days away. Anticipation is mounting and some publishers are jumping the gun with pre-show-shows (such as EA Play) while gaming news sites are all posting predictions.

Amid the news, the waiting, the leaks and the hype, there is one question that is bothering many a gamer: what will Take-Two Interactive, and more importantly, Rockstar Games show off at the event? Naturally, the title that most fans are hoping for is Red Dead Redemption 2, but following the recent delay, things aren't looking good.

First of all, Rockstar Games showing up at E3 is about as rare as a white raven to begin with, so we weren't starting with a high probability anyway. That said though, considering how much is riding on the performance of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar might be throwing convention with this one and hitting E3 nonetheless.

However, to further lessen the chances of that happening, Strauss Zelnick discussed E3 recently and stated that the company isn't planning a major appearance. Beyond showing off the two annual sports titles from 2K, WWE and NBA, the company will very likely only fill a corporate role at the event.

It will be an interesting year for us. We're not really showing products. We have a corporate presence at E3, and we're excited to be there. We'll be meeting with investors and meeting with the press naturally, and meeting with retail partners. I think it's an important show and it's important for the industry, and it's very important for us as the number three company in the space to be there.

This basically knocks Red Dead Redemption 2 off the itinerary, but there's still a chance Take-Two are just keeping things under wraps for now. As for anything GTA, there isn't even a reason to expect anything since DLC isn't a big enough deal to get an E3 mention and a new game is still a long way away.

Rockstar isn't a developer known to release games in quick succession or launch more than one project at a time. While we're sure the various studios are spinning more plates than just Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA Online DLC, it's doubtful that anything will actually be announced during the event

As a consolation though, this year's biggest GTA Online DLC is about to be released, coinciding with E3: Gunrunning will go live on the 13th of June, this Tuesday.


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