Rockstar Fix For GTA Online Insurance Fraud Implemented

The rapid and destructive spread of GTA Online's newest and most terrifying hack has been put to a stop while Rockstar comes up with a permanent fix.

The recent discovery of the insurance fraud hack made headlines that riled up the community to such a point Rockstar had to act quickly. Another factor forcing their hand was the sudden and unexpected boom in the spread of the new hack.

From a few isolated cases the insurance fraud menu seemed to go pandemic in an instant, affecting a massive chunk of the PC player base. This new and extremely illegal hack allowed cheaters to fool the game into thinking that other players were destroying their personal vehicles while in passive. The resulting insurance fine was billed to the victim's in-game bank account and added to that of the hacker.


What this means is that the hackers had a way of actually stealing your in-game cash - cash you potentially bought for real money via the Shark Cash Card system. The recent financial reports released by Take-Two Interactive showed that a big portion of their quarterly revenue came from microtransactions in GTA Online. As such, it should be no surprise that they want to protect that source of income and the integrity of their game.


It should also come as no surprise that if a player's in-game bank account is in jeopardy, players will stop investing real cash into the game. Why buy something that a few hackers can steal easily, right? Well, they can't steal it anymore.

Players have confirmed that Rockstar has disabled insurance premiums and bad sport point on PC in GTA Online. So now destroying another player's personal vehicle will not result in any kind of penalty, rendering the insurance fraud hack null.

The disabling of bad sport points was also important, as the hack caused innocent players to be saddled with bad sport points for "destroying" the hacker's personal vehicle. If the same victim was targeted several times, they would have landed in a bad sport lobby or even ended up banned for no real crime.

While the video which was used to demonstrate the hack in our articles showed smaller numbers, hackers had taken to insuring and destroying those $GTA 10 Million gold-plated Luxors, slamming insurance fines of up to $GTA 100,000 on players.


This fix is a temporary one for sure. The bad sport and insurance systems are strong GTA Online regulatory functions, with reason too. Without any kind of monetary and gameplay-affecting deterrent, the asshole-like behavior exhibited in most internet communities would see constant and repeated destruction of personal vehicles in GTA Online.

This temporary disabling for those systems in order to make the hack useless is a necessary move on Rockstar's part - however don't get used to it. When Rockstar comes up with a permanent solution to the problem, they'll no doubt be restoring bad sport and the insurance systems in no time.

Rockstar's swift response to the issue was impressive. It goes to show that they want to make sure the streets of GTA Online are clean of any kind of hacker vermin. The devs have been fighting against cheaters in GTA V's multiplayer mode for quite some time now.

We've seen our fair share of rather extreme measures and various anti-hack methods tried against the cheaters. However this insurance fraud hack was the most serious and critical hacking crisis Rockstar has had to face to date. Their swift handling of the issue proves both their skill and experience in the matter. If they would have dallied, many more players may have become victims.

Were any of you guys hit with the insurance fraud GTA Online hack, or did you survive this catastrophe unscathed?

Aron Gerencser
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