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Rockstar Excludes Next-Gen Consoles in Latest GTA Online Update

Data miners still aren't giving up hope that Rockstar hid something big alongside update 1.60.

You might not have noticed, but Rockstar Games just dropped an update for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Usually, updates to GTA Online and GTA 5 come with a ton of fanfare. Instead, patch 1.60 came and went like it was nothing. Maybe it's because the update wasn't big enough for Rockstar to bring it over to the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. It's still not clear if the aforementioned versions are getting the new update, but if not, this just speaks to how inconsequential it might be in the grand scheme of things.

Here are the things in GTA Online and GTA 5 that Rockstar fixed with the newest update:

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when equipping the Heavy Sniper Mk II in first-person view
  • Fixed several crashes in GTA V and GTA Online
Rockstar didn't even bother to release the file size of the latest GTA Online update.

For some reason, Rockstar didn't feel the need to specify what kind of crashes it fixed save for the issue with the Heavy Sniper Mk II.

The worst part is that data miners can't seem to find anything else Rockstar has planned for GTA Online or GTA 5. This suggests that 1.60 is nothing more than a minor update, which is not unwelcome but fans probably expected something more.

Perhaps it was wishful thinking for Rockstar to drop a massive update just weeks after it came out with Update 1.56.

In other news, eagle-eyed observers found hints that GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced might be coming to the PC. Meanwhile, a fan-made GTA VI map has gotten fans excited at a much larger open world for Rockstar's upcoming title.


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