Rockstar At E3: What Happened?

E3 Expo (Electronic Entertainment Exposition) at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California on June 17, 2015

While technically the actual E3 convention didn't open its doors until today, the major press conferences have already run their course. EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony and finally Nintendo have all had their chance to shine, with some game publishers showing off their goods during the Microsoft and Sony conferences. VR was a big topic, as is the new version of the Xbox One. This E3 was particularly scarce on new IP, with most games either being expected installments of long running series or sequels to some popular games such as Titanfall 2 and Dishonored 2.


There were few surprises at the show, but much of the stuff shown off is pretty impressive nonetheless. Many "reveals" were actually leaked beforehand, or instead of announcements publishers decided to show off more footage of games we already knew were coming. Overall, this E3 felt more like something along the lines of Gamescom or PAX with few actual reveals.


However, one highly anticipated reveal hasn't yet come to pass and one question still burns in the minds of gamers across the globe.

Where was Rockstar Games?


Take-Two Interactive did announce some time ago that the publisher would be present at the expo in a "major way". This was later followed by a comment to investors that Rockstar was working on multiple "exciting" projects which would soon be revealed. Since the same call also confirmed that Rockstar won't be releasing any new games until April 2017 at the latest, E3 seemed like the perfect place to show off their new stuff.

Add to this that 2K, the only other developer under the Take-Two umbrella, has already revealed all of their currently running projects, these comments were practically a confirmation that Rockstar would be owning E3. As it turns out, the only presence 2K had at E3 was showing off more gameplay from Mafia 3 as well as announcing the collector's edition for the game.


Now, this is hardly what you would call a "major presence". One game that we already knew about? No, there must be more. With the main press conferences over, this leaves the rest of the event, running until Thursday, for Rockstar to unveil their next project.

While it is rare for any big reveals to take place during the convention days, there have been examples of this in the past. Plus, deviating from the typical way things are done would perfectly fit Rockstar's MO - maybe they're just pulling everyone's leg as a joke.

Naturally, since this is the internet, there has been a fair share of doomsaying going about. Some say that the presence of Take-Two was simply exaggerated, others say that Rockstar pulled out in the last minute. Some went even so far as to link the developer's absence from E3 to the lawsuit going on with Leslie Benzies.

However with most of the convention still ahead of us, it is far too soon to cry wolf. Rockstar broke their recent string of proper, named weekly events by merely releasing three maps for their newest Adversary Mode, Trading Places, accompanied by some discounts. This "low-maintenance" attitude on the week of E3 probably indicates the company is dealing with something else.


Rockstar had a history of purposefully avoiding big gaming events in the past. They barely had a presence at Gamescom last year and they almost always skip E3 (they did announce the next-gen version of GTA V at an E3 event, though). However, if they were sent to E3 by Take-Two, they might just be messing with the status quo for fun, like we mentioned above.

Do you think Rockstar will show up at E3 at the last moment, or do you think they dropped out?

Aron Gerencser
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