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Rockstar Lays Out Content Roadmap For GTA Online

Rockstar Games has spilled the beans on what kind of content updates fans can look forward to in the coming months, giving Grand Theft Auto Online players a hint of what's to come. As usual, there's also a weekly event going on with bonuses and discounts.

Typically, GTA Online will get a major DLC drop each summer, and we haven't heard anything about this years' - until now. In a post concerning the road ahead for both Red Dead Online (spoiler: it isn't looking good) and GTA Online, Rockstar revealed that Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub "careers" will be getting a significant expansion, alongside a new set of Contact Missions involving a familiar face from the GTA 5 story.

Possibly even more exciting for long-time players than the new content will be some underlying gameplay changes that have been long-requested by players. Business Sell Missions will now be available in invite-only session, a change from the current public session requirement, making all the sneaky solo lobby techniques obsolete.

The much hated Oppressor Mk II is also getting some nerfing in order to make it less useful as a grief machine. The flying motorcycle is the preferred vehicle of choice for players who just revel in making things dreadful for everyone else, due to its speed, small profile and lock-on missiles. 

In what is bound to be a very welcome move, Rockstar Games is also pumping up the GTA$ payouts on activities across the board. Recognizing that the game has changed and evolved in many ways over the years, and that the in-game economy has shifted as well, the developers are increasing the currency rewards for most older activities to make them competitive and worth players' time. We'll learn more about the specifics closer to the launch of the summer DLC.

While these and many other changes big and small will rock GTA Online later this summer, you don't need to wait until then to find something worth doing in the virtual streets of Los Santos. The Diamond Casino Heist just upped the stakes on its finale with diamonds having been deposited in the vault. Players can stake out the joint from their Arcade properties, which are 40% off all week.

While we're on the topic of the Diamond, all Casino Work missions this week are paying out triple their base GTA$ and RP rewards, with some additional one-time bonuses thrown into the mix as well. House Keeping will throw an additional $100,000 at you, while Cashing Out and Agatha Baker's additional missions will get you $200,000 apiece.

Joining the fun at the Casino are Open Wheel Races, paying out double the usual rewards, alongside Overtime Shootout and Gerald's Last Play Contact Missions. The Übermacht Zion Classic is this week's Prize Ride while the Dinka Sugoi is up for grabs at the Lucky Wheel. The Progen Emerus, Truffade Thrax, and Vysser Neo are all waiting for players on the Test Track.

Joining a crop of discounted vehicles are Penthouse Upgrades at 40% off, Fitted Suit Jackets and Utility Vests at half price, and the aforementioned price cut on Arcade properties. While there is a lot on offer, we'd urge players to keep their GTA$ in their pockets for now - a big summer DLC is around the corner, and those are always expensive affairs!


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