Rockstar Announces GTA V Snapmatic Contest Winners

After the launch of the 1.28 update for GTA V, which contained part II of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC, Rockstar announced a series of events and competitions to celebrate the new content. One of these competitions had players use the in-game snapmatic feature to show off their new GTA Online bling. The event also involved an epic livestream, with two guests (who have a rather large following on Youtube) both showing off what the insanity of the event looked like from their perspectives.

For the players who couldn’t log in to GTA Online during the event, Rockstar has uploaded not one but two videos of the stream to Youtube, which can be viewed anytime. The videos are pretty flashy, and Rockstar has helpfully made a list of the jobs that were featured, should you feel compelled to recreate any of the sweet stunts Typical Gamer and HikeTheGamer pull off in their videos.

As for the winners of the GTA Online Snapmatic competition, Rockstar posted their entries on the Newswire and sent them a reward of 1 million in-game $GTA to freely spend on all the extremely bourgeois and expensive items added in the Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC. Check them out below.


One winner recreated the legendary closing scene of the film Casablanca (a theme often recurring in mods and Rockstar Editor creations).  The player with an artistic flair in question is one Duffi 21.


Showing off the stunts the newly introduced Dinka Vindicator can pull off, Vinewoodonfire, with the help of a winner from the snapmatic contest back when Part I of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC launched, created an extremely impressive shot worthy of the reward.


Two members of the Genuine Elites show off the two things that define life in Los Santos and Blaine County. The crew’s leader, HairyHole (not kidding here) took the prize for this one.


This ridiculously flashy and over-the-top shot showing off the new Progen T20, arguably the fastest car in the game, comes to us from SilverFox2.


And returning from the previous contest to bag in another victory, quaid86 brings to us an extremely stylish Western gunfight featuring the new Marksman Pistol.

Rockstar has also nominated honorable mentions, which you can check out in their Newswire post. Did you take part in the competition? Do we have some of the winners among our readers, perhaps?

Aron Gerencser
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