Reset GTA Online VIP Timer With Glitch

The most recent major GTA Online DLC update, Executives and Other Criminals introduced a rather extensive new method for play. With the VIP and Bodyguard system a whole new layer has been added, giving players a massive amount of new content to enjoy. Unfortunately they cannot enjoy it indefinitely due to the game mechanics - or can they?


A new glitch was recently discovered by accident and then confirmed by multiple players across all three platforms. It allows you to reset the VIP timer.


By default when you become a VIP, you have 4 hours of in-game time to enjoy the life of an executive before getting bumped back to the regular players. After this you'll also have to wait for a 12 hour cool down before becoming a VIP again.

The glitch works like this: When your VIP timer is running low - around the 2 minute mark - start up a VIP mission. Any mission works theoretically but most people report success with Hostile Takeover. Without completing the job wait for the VIP timer to run out and log out. When you log back in your VIP timer should restart. The best method for this is to select Franklin from the character wheel and then go back to Online again with the character wheel.


Once you're back in Online the timer should be stuck at 4 hours, with a number of features not working and the world only partially loaded. You just join a new session and everything will work fine. The timer will start and you'll have another 4 hours as a VIP. Players confirming that it works on all platforms also state that this can be repeated back-to-back without issue. The point of the 12 hour cool down following the 4 hours as VIP is to give other players a chance, as only a limited number of VIPs can be present in a given session.

Any of you guys tried out this GTA Online glitch? Does it work for you too?

Aron Gerencser
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