Resell Fully Modded Adder Glitch

Today we have a brand new glitch method that will let you resell a fully-modded Truffade Adder over and over again to Los Santos Customs. You can get GTA$735,000 each time and the whole process should take you 5 minutes max. Check out the full set of instructions below and enjoy!

GTA 5 Homeless

What you need:

  • A fully upgraded Adder that you've purchased. You'll be able to sell it GTA$735,000.
  • A friend.
  • Your car access set to everyone.
  • Space in your garage.

The steps


  1. Get your friend to invite you to an invite-only session.
  2. Purchase a Rebel from San Andreas Cars via the in-game web browser. It will set you back GTA$3,000.
  3. Drive your Adder up against a wall and have your friend keep an eye on it so that it isn't stolen. You need to walk away from the car.
  4. Then enter the Xbox Marketplace or the PSN Store and back out of the store once it loads, you should be in the same session.
  5. Now you should see two Adders. One will be designated your personal vehicle and the other won't. Try to get into the one that is NOT your personal vehicle. If you can't, do the gamestore trick above (enter then back out) and try again.
  6. Now drive away a sufficient distance from your garage and call your Mechanic. Ask for the Rebel you bought.
  7. When the Mech delivers your Rebel simply leave it and then drive the Adder you're in to Los Santos Customs.
  8. You can now sell that Adder for GTA$735K and then go back to your garage. DO NOT head back to anywhere close to your personal vehicle indicator on the mini-map. Avoid it!
  9. Get into any vehicle in your garage and leave your garage. Then buy another Rebel. If this glitch has worked correctly you should not be asked to replace the one you have, as that one was deleted when you sold the Adder.
  10. Now drive the random vehicle you're in back to your garage and get into the Adder. Drive it out of the garage.
  11. You can now repeat all these steps and keep making money!
Mike Roberts

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