Reporting Hackers In GTA Online Now Goes Nowhere

With the hacker and modder issue increasingly getting worse in GTA Online, you'd think Rockstar would try and hand legitimate players more tools to use against these script kiddies, and make reporting them as easy as possible.

For some time, Rockstar had relied on players as one of its primary forms of hack detection in GTA Online, allowing them to report other players within their lobbies. However, this method seemed to eventually become ineffective as more often than not, the presence of a hacker resulted in the crashing of the client and being kicked from the lobby, preventing the honest players from reporting the cheater. Thus, an email system was introduced, which allowed players to report others using their Rockstar Social Club IDs or other usernames, coupled with a valid reason for the report.

Well, this system has been seemingly abandoned. One GTA player has followed the rabbit hole to its terminus, only to find a sinkhole. The ticket-based email reporting system is done through a Zendesk interface, which the right support personnel over at Rockstar should be monitoring. However, for some time now, the Zendesk service is set to automatically close every ticket right after the auto-response about submission confirmation is sent to the person reporting a player.



This closure is not indicated to you in any way unless you take a look at the ticket itself. Here, you will find and automated comment posted by Zendesk which basically amounts to "you're out of luck, use GTA Online's in-game report system".

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. We appreciate you taking the time to report a player cheating in one of our games, but you have reached us at an email address that is no longer active.

Whether this has been done to free up resources, or out of a confidence in its own cheat detection methods, Rockstar clearly wants to shift focus away from the player report method in GTA Online.

How many hackers have you guys reported?

Aron Gerencser
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