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New Repo Work Missions Hit GTA Online

For the first time in a long while we've finally gotten some new GTA Online gameplay content to sink our teeth into. A staple of Los Santos' criminal underworld, Simeon Yetarian is back to give our Grand Theft Auto Online characters some more work. Joining the new missions are discounts and promotions.

The newest missions to join GTA Online's already massive roster of activities are Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions, once again organized by our favorite dirty car dealer Simeon. This week the new Repo missions are paying out double RP and GTA$ to help players get warmed up.

This first wave of Repo missions consists of 3 jobs that you can work your way through. Under the Hammer has you stealing cars from a police auction and returning them to Simeon. The objective in Blow Up IV is to drive over to one of Simeon's competitors' warehouses which was left open by an inside man and destroy his merchandise. Finally, Sasquashed tasks you with stealing monster trucks from the arena and squashing targets.

Premium Deluxe Repo Work will be expanded with further missions in the coming weeks, offering players further means of racking up extra cash with Simeon. Whenever a new set of missions is added, they will be paying out double rewards for one week.

However, the new Repo missions aren't the only way to make some extra bank this week. Joining Simeon's jobs are all Special Cargo Sales, rewarding industrious CEOs with double cash. Special Cargo Sales are one of the most profitable activities in GTA Online to begin with, but with this promo they're an even better way to get rich. The Arena War Series and all RC Bandito Races also pay out double rewards.

Players who log into GTA Online this week stand to receive a new loyalty reward. Returning to the tried and true format of manufacturer t-shirts, the limited edition Albany Vintage tee can be unlocked in-game through the 1st of May.

As announced previously, all players who buy a Bikers Clubhouse by the end of the week will be given a tidy GTA$ 250,000 bonus as a reward. If you already own a Clubhouse from earlier, no worries, you're automatically eligible and should get the bonus in the next 48 hours or so.

This week's discounts include a 30% discount on a number of vehicles including the Annis ZR380, the HVY Scarab, the MTL Cerberus, the Vapid Imperator and the Declasse Brutus. Additionally, the Arena Workshop addon and all of its renovations are 40% off this week.

Check back to learn more about the upcoming Premium Deluxe Repo Work additions.


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