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Repo Cars For Simeon In GTA V


GTA V is many things. It is an expansive, open-world experience. It is an action-packed over-the-top criminal adventure. It is filled to the brim with various jobs and activities. It is a vibrant world which is alive around the player.

It is also popular, with more weekly players than the population of Paraguay. GTA V is extremely successful, with more than 54 million copies sold (also more than the population of Paraguay).


One thing GTA V is not, however, is boring.

GTA V will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours, and once you're done with it, there is always GTA Online with even more content. Despite this, modders are constantly adding newer and newer content to GTA V, and we love 'em for it.

This recent mod adds a new kind of persistent activity to GTA V, giving you a new source of income. Simeon appears in the game as a shady car dealer with ties to the Armenian mafia, and comes to odds with the game's protagonists. In the mod Simeon's Car Repos, you can do work for the crook, provided you didn't [SPOILER] him before.

Simeon will be waiting for you in his office at his garage, where he'll tell you the name of the given vehicle you'll need to reposess, and the price he'll pay (also more than the population of... oh never mind) for the job. You can either take it or leave it, with new jobs being spawned every three hours. If you take a job, the three hour timer will start from the point when you finished the job.

The mod runs on ScriptHookV, the most common modding tool, so make sure you have that downloaded and updated.


The mod is fairly polished, with one single known bug where Simeon simply does not appear. This can be easily fixed by reloading scripts with the "insert" key. Are you guys going to have to start a new save for this mod, if you know what I mean?

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