How About a Replay Feature in GTA V?

We've been pondering the cool features that might make it into GTA V and got thinking about camera angles, and more specifically recording and saving car chases.

Gta 5 Dash Cam 1

One of the most under-used, but probably entertaining, camera angles in Grand Theft Auto IV was the police cruiser dash cam. You had to cycle through a few different views in order to reach it, and then it only lasted a short time, but it was still cool to see yourself trying to get away through the eyes of the people chasing you.

In terms of GTA 5, we think there is ample scope for Rockstar to build on this camera/feature and even introduce a recording element. For example, there could be a pre-selectable option to choose whether all police chases will be recorded. Then when you do something and the chase begins, so does the recording (automatically). You can then go back and watch it once the chase has played out (this is a standard feature in all racing games - think the Gran Turismo replay function, and even exists outside the racing genre - think Battlefield 3 death cutscenes).



Taking the concept a step further, what if robberies and shoot-outs were recordable in this way too? Either from the same "dash camera" (if applicable) or something like news reporter's cameras.

We think it's an exciting proposition and the extent to which these ideas make it into the game will be interesting. We at least know there's a dash camera of some sort (the images in this post are from the gameplay trailer).

Matt Stone

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