How to Register as a CEO or VIP in GTA Online

CEO and VIP Benefits

Becoming a VIP or CEO in GTA Online unlocks new content, missions and ways to make money in Los Santos. However, many players can be confused or uncertain about exactly how you register as these roles in GTA Online. That is exactly what this guide will cover.

FYI, once you've registered, check out our complete guides on the missions that both roles can do here: CEO mission guide and VIP mission guide.

How to Register as a CEO in GTA Online

1. Purchase an Executive Office

To become a CEO, you first need to buy an executive office. Executive offices start at GTA$1 million and can be purchased via the Dynasty 8 Executive website that you access using your in-game cell-phone.

2. Actually Register as a CEO

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Once you've purchased an executive office, do the following steps:

  1. Open the interaction menu in the game (press and hold the touchpad on consoles, or press 'M' on PC).
  2. Select 'SecuroServ' from the menu.
  3. Click on the "Register as a CEO" option.
  4. Choose and confirm the name of your organization.

3. You’re Done!

Now you're an official CEO and can start carrying out all the CEO-exclusive missions.

How to Register as a VIP in GTA Online

To register as a VIP you don't need an executive office. In fact, all you need is GTA$50,000 in your bank account. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the interaction menu in the game (press and hold the touchpad on consoles, or press 'M' on PC).
  2. Select the 'VIP' option, although if you have an executive office you'll only see the 'SecuroServ' option. Either way, click the option you have.
  3. Register as a VIP and give your organization a name.

You'll know that you did it correctly when an in-game confirmation message from SecuroServ arrives. Just note that you can act as a VIP for up to four hours at a time.

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