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Real Life Simeon Operation Busted in Toronto

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An easy way to draw a distinction between two generations is based on what they associate with the acronym "GTA".

The younger ones are bound to think of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar's extremely popular open-world action game; while the elders will think of the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. However, a group in the GTA decided to bring the other meaning of GTA home as well, by committing some good old GTA in the GTA.



Not unlike something that might very well be featured in the storyline of a Grand Theft Auto game, a vehicle trafficking ring operating out of Toronto, which specialized in stealing high end SUVs straight out of driveways, was recently shut down by the local police.


The group allegedly stole vehicles the value of which totaled in over $300 Million. You'd be able to fully customize quite a few Lowriders out of that much cash, wouldn't you? So far 19 members of the ring have been arrested, one of whom may yet be immortalized as the inspiration for a character in a future Grand Theft Auto installment or DLC.

The group worked with inside men at the shipping companies who recorded the key codes to the vehicles before they were delivered to dealerships. They could replicate keys based on those codes, with which the thieves could open and start up the cars with ease, disappearing with the expensive rides in an instant.


The vehicles were then shipped off to buyers in Africa, who received their (stolen) vehicles at a lower price. This kind of operation is not unlike the gig Simeon was running in GTA V, however it does differ in the sense that Simeon cheated his customers out of their cars, instead of stealing them with replica keys.

What kinds of real life cases would you guys want to see reappear in the story of a GTA game?

Via: The Star


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