Real-Life GTA Video Filmed… In Russia

We’ve seen videos recreating GTA in real life, with flesh-blood actors and famous locales in the actual city of Los Angeles (plus a healthy amount of special effects) before, but this is quite something else.

All (well, almost all) GTA games have been set in a re-imagined fictional major North American city, featuring slightly altered versions of notable landmarks. However, as with many other games of similar popularity, the community thoroughly enjoys exploring “But what if x?” scenarios. Today, we’ll get an answer to one of those proposed scenarios. Instead of a major US city, what if GTA would travel to the westernmost major city of great mother Russia?


GTA: Kursk City is a live-action YouTube video which emulates the character animations, HUD and gameplay features of the 3D universe GTA games, primarily GTA: Vice City. The actors do a great job of replicating the jarred, inaccurate motions of the NPCs in GTA games of the era (the air-hug best demonstrates this), as well as the unnatural death animations. The sped-up footage also adds to the feel of authenticity, making the movements that much more jagged.

While strangely (and disappointingly) devoid of any actual stealing of automobiles, and scarce driving (of a go kart, no less), if it wasn’t for the perfect acting and the action sequences, you wouldn’t guess this is a GTA fan video, however overall it is absolutely recognizable. Even the pistol prop used is large and blocky, reminiscent of GTA graphics back in the day (amazing how far we’ve come, no?).

Pedestrians cower in fear or run while waving their arms in the air, missions are received through an uncomfortably large phone, the player character opens doors with the force of a constipated gorilla and you know you’re going the right direction if you bump into a goon who starts shooting at you. Yup, definitely GTA.

What country would you like to see an official GTA game take place in other than the US?

Aron Gerencser
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