Re-enact D-Day In GTA V With Mod

Whether you're a history fan, a military enthusiast or a GTA V fan video creator, this mod is perfect for you. In recent weeks the number of mods which are geared towards providing users of the Rockstar Editor with new kinds of scenery and settings for their videos. Be it a post-apocalyptic city block or the interior of an apartment fitted with green-screens, modders have all of the bases covered. If it's not scenery but more animations and commands or an unrestricted camera, you're still in luck.


Coming up next to the over-grown cityscape and the alien slum is the D-Day landing set. World War 2 is one of those historical events which has been adapted, re-imagined, expanded upon and deconstructed in both non-fictional and fictional media again and again. Movies, games, books, documentaries go over the same events repeatedly. There are probably more artistic renderings of the D-Day landing than there are casings buried in the sands of Normandy.



Plutonmania, creator of the District 9 map mod has put together a pretty solid D-Day landing map. Of course due to the limitations posed by GTA V's available pool of assets some artistic liberties have been taken. Then again, it's not like D-Day hasn't seen some wilder fictional recreations.

Plenty of fortifications, an intimidating concrete fortress and more than enough ordnance characterize this mod. Combining this with certain mods that allow you to customize conflict scenarios between groups of NPCs, such as the newest iteration of Gang War will allow you to re-enact an invasion, either storming the shore or defending the fortress from the incoming attackers.

The highly detailed environment will also undoubtedly attract Rockstar Editor users. The set looks perfect for some military-focused fan videos.

What kind of a Editor-friendly set-piece GTA V map mod would you be interested in seeing?

Aron Gerencser
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