7 New RC Bandito Races Added To GTA Online

Whether you enjoy playing races or creating races, this week's Grand Theft Auto Online content update will have something for you. Between new RC Bandito races and the Arena War Creator, there is plenty of new gameplay content in exchange for no new vehicle. A wide selection of discounts and bonuses are also on offer.

The game is now richer with 7 RC Bandito races. Geared with the diminutive remote controlled cars added recently, the new races will take you across new terrains, each with its own quirk to make it stand out. Set in a forest, on a pier or in the Fort Zancudo military base, among others, these new races will give fans of the small rides new tracks on which to test their mettle.


Locations also include the reservoir, Mirror Park, Elysian Island or the arena. To celebrate the addition of these new tracks, all RC Bandito races - even the old ones added with the cars themselves - will be paying out double GTA$ and RP through the 6th of March.

Speaking of the arena, those of you who have been enjoying the blood sport of the Arena War DLC will be able to begin creating your own killer games. The Arena War Creator has been added to GTA Online allowing you to set up your own races and deathmatches. New items and vehicles have also been added to other Creator modes, as well as a new prop removal tool.

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A particularly large selection of double reward bonuses join the RC Bandito races mentioned above - you didn't think that would be all, did you? All contact missions in the game will pay out twice as much cash and RP as usual, and the Hunting Pack Remix Adversary Mode and all Rockstar created Stunt Races join in on the fun as well. All bodyguards and associates also earn double salaries during this period.

The Business Battle bonuses return, once again giving players the chance of lucking out with a crate that grants a nice GTA$ 50,000 bonus, as well as limited issue logo t-shirts for your in-game character. In the past these clothing items were log-in rewards and can't be purchased.

With the addition of the Arena War Creator, most players will be in the mood for some vehicular violence. To help you along, all Arena War content has been discounted by 30% aside of the arena property itself. Other properties did get the price reduction, however, including Hangars, Bunkers, Night Clubs, Offices and Special Cargo Warehouses. A wide range of vehicles and upgrades are also discounted.

Rockstar is also releasing the official Arena War soundtrack, featuring music from HEALTH made specifically for the DLC. HEALTH has already contributed to the Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack and worked on Max Payne 3 as well. The album will be available on March 1st, which is this Friday.


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