RC Bandito Races, Dispatch Missions & More Pay Out Double In GTA Online

Rockstar is offering Grand Theft Auto Online players a large variety of ways to earn some extra cash this week, with several different activities paying out double rewards. A new log-in reward shirt is also on the table alongside a wide array of discounts and a new premium race offering the best drivers some high-risk high-reward action.

Lacking any kind of new content - there is no new vehicle or game mode in this week's update - Rockstar has placed the focus on ways to earn big. RC Bandito races are paying out double RP and GTA$ through the 3rd of April. All 15 races involving the tiny remote-controlled vehicle are part of the promo.


It wasn't too long ago that the Bandito was the center of attention, so joining it are Target Assault Races, also offering twice the usual rewards. If you're not in a racing mood, Martin Madrazo's Dispatch missions, as well as the Offense Defense Adversary Mode, are in on the double reward action too. We're guessing the latter won't get too much attention, but the other three should provide ample variety.

In keeping with the past few weekly events, once again logging into GTA Online will earn you a limited edition t-shirt. For the first time we're getting a knockoff - the Fake Didier Sachs tee will be added to your in-game wardrobe if you log in through the 3rd of April. Why something being a fake makes it limited edition is beyond us, but there you have it.

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A large selection of cars is half-off this week, with an even larger selection of upgrades and customization options being 40% off. Since you'll be adding to your fleet, chances are you'll need some extra space, so all 10-car garages are also 50% off. Cars included in the deal are the Dewbauchee JB 700, the Grotti Turismo Classic, the Canis Freecrawler and the Karin Armored Kuruma.

Since it's part of this week's double reward promo, the diminutive RC Bandito is also available at a discount, though the price has only been reduced by 30%. If you like to stick to the skies, the Nagasaki Ultralight and the Nagaskai Buzzard Attack Chopper are both 50% off. As for upgrades, you can buy engines, liveries, brakes and handling, turbo, resprays, RC Bandito Lids and vertical jump upgrades at a 40% discount.

If you're confident enough in your driving skills to put some GTA$ on the line, a new premium race will let you do just that. For a triple modifier on RP for all players, the GTA$ 20,000 entry fee pits you against other veteran drivers for the chance of earning the GTA$ 100,000 grand prize. Coming second will still earn you some with a GTA$ 30,000 payout, while coming third pays you back for the entry fee.

Check back next week to learn more about any upcoming content and events.


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