Pyro Now Available In GTA Online

In spite of Rockstar naming a few of the upcoming drip fed vehicles in their post announcing the Transform Races DLC that will arrive in the game sometime soon, the vehicle that was actually added to GTA Online this week ended up being none of those. Instead it was a random plane - Rockstar sure knows how to rev up the hype.

Thus, instead of something like the Hunter or the Vigilante, the vehicle we get this week is the Pyro. The Pyro is a plane many fans will not like simply because performance-wise it doesn't stand out from the crowd nor isn't particularly special. But we absolutely love the thing and aircraft enthusiasts will too.


The Pyro is a twin-tail plane with a single centerline engine, and it is as close a representation of the De Havilland Vampire as possible without having to worry about legal concerns and licensing fees. It has a fairly large cockpit with two seats.

This plane is a fighter with dual machine guns and can be upgraded to carry 8 missiles. Favoring control and precision over speed, the Pyro is unfortunately easy prey for most other fighter planes. Being a slower vehicle, the Pyro is best used against large bombers, as you'll have a better chance of lining up shots while taking benefit of the increased control you have over the plane.

In terms of upgrades, the Pyro has 9 livery options, various countermeasure options and upgrades across the board for armor, weapons and engines. Even when fully decked out things like the Hydra could beat you, but as we mentioned, this is best suited to taking down large enemy targets.

It is mighty expensive, however, meaning you'll likely be skipping the Pyro unless you're eager to have a twin tail in your collection. The full price of the plane is GTA$ 4,455,500 and the trade price reduces that to $3,350,000.

As expected, Stockpile's double RP and GTA$ promotion has been extended to last another week, and one of the other more recent Adversary Modes, Motor Wars, is also doling out twice as many rewards to players this week.

If Adversary Modes aren't your thing, making money is also made easier by a 25% buff to Bikers Businesses production and Bunker manufacturing. That increase also applies to bunker research - not that it should matter, since fast-tracking it makes more sense in the long run.

New DLC also means new discounts, and the magical 25% with Rockstar likes so much applies to everything in this lineup. The Fort Zancudo 3499 hangar and the Thompson Scrapyard bunker both fall under this discount, as do all Bunker renovations.

When it comes to vehicles, the same 25% applies, and the selection this week is the Ultralight, the Rocket Voltic, the Tropos Rallye and the Armored Kuruma, as well as all Benny's upgrades turning regular vehicles into Custom variants, unlocking many personalization options.

Hopefully next week we'll start seeing some of the highly anticipated vehicles hitting the game, since Rockstar has dragged out their release for quite some time now. We really need our Apache and Batmobile.

Aron Gerencser
Aron is responsible for the bulk of the news posts that you'll find on GTA BOOM each and every day. He loves getting involved with the community and is an avid fan of all things Rockstar Games. His journey with the franchise began with GTA 2 back when it was new (all the way back in 1999), and he was a gamer even before then. Find Aron on Facebook.