Progen Emerus Supercar Added To GTA Online

The latest high-end supercar has barreled into Grand Theft Auto Online with no regards for speed limits or road safety. Joining this fresh ride is a new kind of time trial race, new additions to the Casino Store, a new vehicle to be won from the Lucky Wheel, double reward opportunities and discounts. Oh my!

Burn rubber all the way from your stilt house to the Diamond with the new Progen Emerus. Based on the McLaren Senna, the Emerus is a speedy supercar with plenty of horse power to spare. It's also a high-end status symbol and a way to show off to your peers that you've got plenty of GTA$ kicking around (which you'd be ready to lose at the casino of course) considering the hefty GTA$ 2,700,000 price tag. Time to start grinding!


Joining this prestigious car is a new, and significantly more whimsical, activity. Taking a vehicular downgrade from cutting-edge supercar to remote-controlled miniature, you can put your RC Bandito skills to the test with the RC Time Trial series. Race against the clock with GTA Online's smallest vehicle in order to earn up to $GTA 200,000 per race, thanks to the double RP and GTA$ bonus that applies to RC Time Trials this week.

If time trials aren't your thing, or you want to drive vehicles with more oomph than the Bandito, Rockstar has you covered. Jumping straight to the absolute other end of the scale, you can earn double rewards by driving some of the biggest and meanest vehicles straight into the competition with the Arena War Series.

Another week, another dream car spinning in the Diamond Casino, tantalizing prospective winners to try their fortune with the Lucky Wheel. This time it's the Dinka Jester Classic, a fan favorite vehicle. While the price of $GTA 790,000 doesn't exactly make it prohibitively expensive, picking one up for free if you don't own it already definitely sounds like a sweet deal.

The Broker Silk Robe and the Chips Earring have returned to the rotating stock of exclusive clothing and artwork in the Casino Store, with some other additions available only for a limited time. Swing by and check out what's on offer if you have enough chips to spend.

A wide array of items are on a 30% discount this week. You can pick up the star of the new RC Time Trials at a reduced price, or any of the Arena War vehicles alongside Arena War workshop upgrades and vehicle customizations. You can get an additional 10% off from all that if you have linked your Twitch Prime account with your Social Club profile.

Aron Gerencser
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