Police Themed DLC for GTA Online

Many fans would love to see a police-themed DLC added to GTA Online, in part because of the huge success of the LCPD mod for GTA IV (a similar mod for GTA V is also a highly popular idea). This sort of DLC would likely allow players to join an in-game police force.

Gta Police Truck Chase

For example, as suggested by some fans on Reddit recently, the player might first have to be accepted to the force by completing certain training missions. These missions would cover a variety of skills, so there would be driving missions, flying missions, and combat missions. A player accepted into the police force would then be given a squad car.

He or she would get into the car to activate police mode, which would come with restrictions: either it would be impossible to attack players that weren’t engaged in criminal activities, or such actions would come with penalties and eventual expulsion from the police force.


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Players who were performing criminal acts would be marked on the mini-map, and the player would join forces with NPC police to stop them, gaining access to a helicopter if the criminal’s wanted rating hit 3 stars or higher. The only useable weapons in this DLC would be those used by the police and SWAT units—unless the situation required the player to seize the opponents’ weapons in order to fight back.

Another possibility is that a cop NPC would always accompany the player on police missions, as an assistant, or two players could team up to play in co-op.

Whatever features it would include, police DLC would be well-received by a lot of fans. Similar ideas include firefighter DLC and paramedic/ambulance DLC, where the players would respond to emergency events across the city. If you’d like to see this sort of content added to GTA Online, be sure to contact Rockstar with your feedback—maybe it will become official DLC one day.


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  1. If you start a police force, which I support, then you'd have to implement a tax to fund it, which I'd happily pay, but I think a mobster hitsquad would be cool along with the police. Jail time and fines for very bad sports and robbery and beatings for those annoying guys who just roam the map ruining everyone's money making.

  2. An emergency DLC on PS4 would be fun playing as a cop,emt,swat,tow truck driver etc. would give us more things to do instead of shooting people and doing the same missions.

  3. They should make it a game instead. Being killed by a player for accident bumping into a police car is unfair and everyone's involved in criminal activities very often. If it's a game, (maybe cops vs robbers) than it'll be better.

  4. Why just GTA online? There are players like me who don't go online for certain reasons. DLC like this could also work in single player mode. The game just needs to spawn random criminal activities with NPCs just the way LCPDFR does in GTA IV.

    1. I agree, this would be an excellent feature not only online, but also offline. I always wanted to try LCPDFR, because it looks incredibly awesome, but I couldn't due to computer incapabilities to process and power GTAIV. I think I was only achieving 12fps gameplay or something insanely agitating to deal with. It was also very laggy (input-lag) with the controls.

      1. It IS awesome - as long as it doesn't crash but alas that happens so often I quit using LCPDFR almost completely. However this is mainly due to the unstable script engine. I guess at least 25% of the code in my mods deals with those instability issues but I managed to have them rock solid now.

    2. 100% agree! I don't play online and would love this add on to the main game! Even as a mini game as gta4 did with lost and damned and ballad of gay Tony!!

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