Physical GTA V Goods Discounted For Black Friday

Rockstar’s celebration of Thanksgiving has extended beyond an in-game GTA Online event.


The GTA Online Thanksgiving event is well under way and gives players a chance to rack up double the RP and GTA $ by playing any of the several PvP Adversary Modes available. In fact, a whole new Adversary Mode was added to the game recently to celebrate the holiday. And in keeping with the tradition of the festive Thanksgiving football games, the new Adversary Mode, Running Back, is loosely based on hand-egg, or as the majority likes to call it, American “football”.

However, Rockstar’s special Black Friday and Thanksgiving Weekend sales will ensure that you bring a bit of GTA V into your celebration even if you’re not in front of the screen.

The special Rockstar Warehouse sale includes not just a few select items, but rather has a universal 40% discount on absolutely all games and merchandise found in the online store. However, that isn’t all, as Rockstar has also made some all new gear available for purchase as well, just so you have something special coming to you in that delivery. The special discount is live from tomorrow, Friday the 27th, all the way through the weekend until Monday the 30th, so you have four full days to carefully select what goes into your own personal crate drop.


Rockstar has also made some limited GTA V merchandise available for purchase. Previously, your only chance to nab any of these sought-after items was through promotions and giveaways, however now the Merryweather Polo, T-shirt, Cap and Mug, the Snapmatic T-shirt, the Loneliest Robot Pendrive and Greeting Card, the Epsilon Program Paperweight and the iFruit mouse pad and phone cases can be bought through the Rockstar Warehouse.

PC players got lucky with this sale, as not only is the PC version of GTA V also at a 40% discount, but all PC purchases will land the new players a deposit of GTA$500K. There is also an exclusive buy-one-get-one promotion in effect for all Shark Cards.

What GTA V merch are you guys buying?

Aron Gerencser
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