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The Pfister Comet S2 Is Available Now In GTA Online


The first of the seven follow-up vehicles being released in Grand Theft Auto Online week by week in the wake of Los Santos Tuners is now in the game, headlining this week's selection of discounts and bonuses.

Joining the already mindboggling quantity of cars available in GTA Online this week is the Pfister Comet S2, the 2-door sports car that is the successor of the regular Comet. The new ride can be bought for GTA$ 1,878,000 from Legendary Motorsport, or at the trade price of GTA$ 1,408,500.

Being based on a Porsche 992, one of liveries being an easter egg shouldn't come as a surprise - the "Rock N' Roll Legends" livery is based on Johnny Silverhand's car from the Cyberpunk series.

Jul Bonuses

Players who pick up the new car and also become LS Car Meet members by paying the GTA$ 50,000 fee by the end of the week will also get the Ron Racing Livery for the car as a freebie, as well as the Fukaru Race Livery for next week's DLC car. A number of free clothing bonuses from last week are still active, with more on offer too.

GTA$ 50,000 isn't a lot in the game's current economy, and not only does it grant you access to a ton of sweet content, but becoming a member these days lathers you in so many freebies it barely feels like you paid anything at all. Even though the membership fee is pretty low, you can easily earn back the investment with the 2x GTA$ and RP bonuses active for The Vespucci Job and all Sprint races this week.

Jul Bonuses

There's more than just money on the line with Sprints, too. If you manage to win five of them this week, you'll get a free Vulcar Warrener HKR vehicle as a real victory prize. The Dinka Jester RR and the all-new Pfister Comet S2 join the Vapid Dominator ASP, releasing next week, on the Test Track this week as the vehicles you can give a spin.

The Diamond Casino didn't leave its podium empty just because the LS Car Meet moved into town - go spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to walk away with a free Truffade Z-Type. If you don't strike it lucky with either free car, you can console yourself with some discounts - the Karin Everon, the Weeny Issi Sport, the Ocelot Locust, the Declasse Mamba, the Vapid Clique, the Vulcar Nebula Turbo and the BF Club are all 40% off.

Check back next week for the launch of the Vapid Dominator ASP in GTA Online!


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