Permadeath Comes To GTA V

There are a large number of games that all fall into a category that is not defined by genre. These kinds of games are typically unforgivingly hard, they are unpredictable due to either random or procedural generation and they are considered to be among the most "hardcore" games out there. Typically dying in these games is also pretty permanent.


We're talking about Roguelikes, named after what may have been the first (popular) Roguelike, a game aptly called Rogue. Anyone who spent any time with GTA V will know that it is nowhere near Roguelike and the addition of one simple game mechanic will not suddenly change that. However it will certainly make it feel more like a good old Roguelike.


This particular mod comes to us from Sladernimo, who wants to make your GTA V experience just a bit more difficult - or frustrating. Once you've dug through all the legal notices you'll find out that the mod named Dead Is Dead makes death permanent in GTA V.

We say "permanent", but what the mod actually does is simply remove checkpoints from missions, forcing you to either load a save or start a new game if you die. Instead of, you know, just waking up in a hospital with a tad less pocket change weighing down your pants.

Like we said this isn't exactly the most groundbreaking mod, nor is it a paragon of complexity, but it achieves what it sets out to do. It makes staying alive more of a priority than it was before.

The existence of this mod can be attributed to one of the few criticisms that GTA V has been getting over the years. Not only is it too easy but it also feels like failure has no consequences. You lose a bit of cash, so what, right?

What other game mechanic changes would you welcome in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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