Penta burns bridges on his way out of NoPixel

Popular Twitch streamer, Penta, is saying goodbye to the popular role-playing Grand Theft Auto Online server, No Pixel, after clocking in thousands of hours and establishing himself as one of the most popular streamers on the server.

Penta's departure from NoPixel is a blessing to whichever RP server he chooses to join next.

Penta's decision to leave NoPixel comes after one of the server administrators, namely Koil, banned RatedEpicz for sexual abuse behavior. Koil later used RatedEpicz's behavior as an example to point out that Penta had done the same in certain role-playing scenes.

As a result, Penta was temporarily banned from NoPixel in what's believed to be a power move by an unnamed administrator.


In response, Penta mentioned that he's decided to "check out some other servers" before further comments from Koil pushed him to leave NoPixel but not before going on a rant about how Koil is "pathetic" and that all he cares about his "gambling CS:GO crates and talking **** about me."

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It's unclear what's next for Penta, but it's clear NoPixel will have to find a way to replace the popular streamer. Most of the popular threads about NoPixel are from Penta's streams. Not to mention, the public opinion appears to be on Penta's side. Many believe Penta's words are something that other popular streamers have wanted to say about NoPixel for years but they just couldn't for fear of repercussions.

Some viewers are even hoping Penta's departure is just the start and will get the ball rolling on the end of NoPixel, so other new role-playing servers can get the spotlight.

A variant of GTA Online is expected to be available for GTA 6 as well.

Streamers are one of the biggest reasons that GTA Online continues to remain popular a decade into its release. NoPixel has to understand that this is a serious issue that could escalate further if it isn't resolved soon.

This isn't the first time that NoPixel has found itself in the middle of a controversy in recent months. Its attempt to launch an "Arab" server was quickly shot down following backlash to its hypocritical stance.

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