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The Pegassi Zorrusso Burns Rubber In GTA Online This Week

Another week, another new car in Grand Theft Auto Online. Joining the latest in exuberantly expensive concept vehicles are bonuses, discounts, free goodies and an absolute bevy of opportunities to make heaps of GTA$ - even if you buy the new car.

The Pegassi Zorrusso is the newest addition to the already long list of luxury hypercars, but this time it's a roadster hybrid. Exceedingly fast, exquisitely designed and extravagantly expensive, the Zorrusso is as much a method of transport as it is a status symbol - though there are plenty of those in GTA Online. This Italian hypercar can be yours starting today for the price of GTA$ 1,925,000.

While the cost of the new ride is excessive, Rockstar is giving you all the tools needed to earn the necessary GTA$ and more. Throughout this week, you can earn double the usual cash and RP by playing all Contact Missions, which make up the bulk of Online's narrative content. If you're more in the mood for some Tron-esque lightcycle battles, Deadline is also offering double rewards.

For a truly royal cash-in, take advantage of the 2x GTA$ and RP bonus that applies to the finale of The Doomsday Heist. On top of all that, you can help out the Diamond by preventing a hostile takeover as part of the Casino Story Missions, also offering double rewards.

All players logging into GTA Online this week can expect to unlock an exclusive Pegassi t-shirt for their characters, to go with the new car. While not guaranteed, unlike the shirt, you also have the chance to unlock the Vapid Caracara 4x4 for free at the Diamond's Lucky Wheel. Make sure to spin it every day to maximise your chances. While you're there, check out the new additions to the Casino Store.

This week vehicles take the discount spotlight. A number of Överflöd supercars are 40% off, several motorcycles can be grabbed at a 30-35% discount and even the infamous Pegassi Oppressor MkII is 35% off, among others.

We're wondering if GTA Online will get a bit spookier next week for Halloween - stay tuned to find out!


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