P-45 Nokota Zooms Into GTA Online

Another Tuesday, another new vehicle. GTA Online's lineup was expanded with a new fighter plane today, adding to the already impressive list of aircraft available courtesy of the Smuggler's Run DLC. Beyond the weekly vehicle, the standard helping of bonuses is also here.

While some of the previous planes were based on just two, or sometimes one, real-world counterpart, the Nokota is an amalgamation of many single-seater fighter planes. The P-51 Mustang is the main donor, but a number of elements from multiple other craft appear also.


It isn't something you do. It's something you are. Ever since you heard them whisper that your grandpa was a dogfighter in the war, you knew deep in your bones that you too had found your destiny. Sure, you had to kill a lot of pets and strays before you learned what that really meant. But now you're out on parole, and the P-45 Nokota is the only aircraft worthy of your dream. So fire her up, make for the border, and do the old man proud.

However, all planes that are used for inspiration are WWII fighters, and the design of the Nokota fits that profile perfectly, undoubtedly making many enthusiast fans happy.

The plane is both fast and an effective fighter equipped with a bomb bay and other weapons including six machine-gun stations and multiple missile tubes. There is no refilling time which allows for continuous fire.

In honor of the WWII inspiration, many of the livery options are styled after that of actual WWII fighters. Of course, a plane this good shouldn't come cheap, and the Nokota's full price is GTA$ 2,653,350 with that number decreasing to GTA$ 1,995,000 at discount.

To give you a taste of the Nokota, allowing you to try it out with forking over the cash, a new Adversary Mode has been added specifically for this vehicle. Dogfight follows the Rockstar doctrine of "take something mundane and put a twist on it" of Adversary Mode design, and typical team deathmatches went under the knife this time around.

Instead of having all members of each time fighting one another simultaneously, Dogfight matches are broken down into what feels like small gladiatorial matches. Every round is a 1v1 between one member of each team, while the others observe.

While this allows players more freedom in tactics since they don't need to pay attention to other enemy players swooping in, it also places the spotlight squarely on you when it's your turn, making those who are defeated easy targets for ridicule. As always, the new mode is dealing out double RP and GTA$ for the next week.

On the bonuses front Rockstar is urging you to renovate. We feel like we don't even need to say that once again the discount rate is 25%, but for the sake of potential newbies, we will. Firstly, Dynasty 8 is slashing the price on renovations across Executive Offices, Garages and auto-shops.

Stocking up for a fight is also more affordable with all ammo and body armor being discounted at Ammunatio. But speed junkies aren't left out either. The Pegassi Torero and Dune FAV are discounted, as well as a range of customization options such as liveries, bullet proof tires and vehicle armor.

Further customizing your character has also become a cheaper affair with a discount on all tattoos added to the game via Smuggler's Run. The library of available ink is already huge, but most major DLCs add to it.

Check back next week to see which new vehicle is added to the game!

Logan Smith

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