Överflöd Imorgon Now Available In GTA Online

If you've ever wanted to rip through the streets of Grand Theft Auto Online at breakneck speeds in an expensive and sleek sports car, but also needed to do it quietly, the newest DLC car is here to scratch your itch. Additionally, new bonuses have arrived to the Diamond Casino and as always, there are fresh discounts on offer.

The Överflöd Imorgon has all the trappings of an incredibly expensive, limited edition pseudo sci-fi concept hypercar, but doesn't require any fossil fuels to pump those horsepowers. This fully electric monstrosity is perfect for any of GTA Online's high-rollers who need to take the guilt of all that corporate waste that their offices, hangars, bunkers and nightclubs produce and whiff it away.


The cost of being able to call yourself environmentally aware is a mere GTA$ 2,165,000, and the Imorgon is available now in-game. The vehicle features a full set of upgrades and customizations. If upwards of two million is a bit too expensive for your blood, you can always just recycle or something.

An unexpected fad arose in-game following the release of the Diamond Casino DLC. The unexpected popularity of the Yellow Dog With Cone Statue has now spawned a merchandise line, including shirts and more. Players whose penthouses are adorned with this odd piece of modern art can gain early access to related clothing items.

If you don't care about yellow balloon dogs and are still thinking about the expensive Imorgon, Rockstar has included a number of great earning opportunities in this week's bonuses if you want to grind up for it. The Arena War Series, the Resurrection Adversary Mode and all Contact Missions pay out double rewards this week.

While it's no Imorgon, you can also get the Obey 8F Drafter for free if you happen to win the vehicle prize at the Lucky Wheel this week. It comes with the exclusive Val-de-Grâce custom livery pre-applied, making the car a real head-turner on the streets.

If you don't like leaving things to chance, the 8F Drafter is also included in this week's discounts. You can pick up the car - sans livery - at a 35% markdown. Everything else on the list is 40% off, including Terrorbyte upgrades, MOC renovations, Bikers Businesses, and a whole suite of other upgrades, add-ons and renovations for other DLC-specific properties.

Aron Gerencser
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