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Original Research, Testing & Playthroughs

GTA BOOM has been online for over 10 years delivering the latest news, detailed guides, and cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto games. Over that time, we have refined and honed our guide research process. What started off as simple text guides with few images have now evolved into full video walkthroughs along with dozens of original images, detailing every step of the way.

Our writers put themselves in players' shoes when creating a guide. We're able to do that because we are all gamers, and big fans of GTA games. Our team works together to ensure we produce the most comprehensive, original guides we can, including even the smallest details, ensuring that both our videos and written guides have all the necessary visuals to complement the written text.

We follow a simple three-step plan to create our guides. We call this RVP: Research, Verify, and Publish.


Being fans of the GTA franchise, we are very familiar with the latest DLC and other content, and are in tune with what the GTA community is playing. Not all content is immediately clear and obvious, and we make it clear how players can start or complete any activity.

It might be a certain step in a puzzle-oriented mission, a hidden achievement that players might not find otherwise, a specific mission that may require players to go out of their way to unlock, or detailing prerequisites to a mission that players might not know of.

If there is confusion in the GTA community, or people need advice and help with playing a Grand Theft Auto game, our content creators will jump in and find a solution that we can share with our readers. We don't just look into how these questions can be answered, but what questions the community asks in the first place.


All of our guides are based on original, in-game research and produced in-house. In order to make a good guide, the creator must have experienced the subject of the guide first-hand, which helps them create more comprehensive walkthroughs.

By playing through and documenting our guides every step of the way, we're able to deliver the most comprehensive and relevant articles. Our guides will never contain filler content that could waste our readers' time, or dance around the subject to take up space.

However, our guides do contain a full explanation of all the required steps or methods on whatever subject matter it covers. Our content creators ensure that everything is explained by going through every aspect of the activity themselves.

We never publish guides and methods that we have not verified in-game ourselves. We take great pride in providing credible, original content, and never publish untested content.


Our guide creators record everything they do in the game, followed by taking screenshots of all the necessary steps or relevant locations, as clearly as possible. By documenting the entire process, end to end, we can be certain that not a single step of the mission is missed, regardless of how simple it may be. We believe that our guides should serve both the new and experienced GTA players.

Once the content is recorded and ready, it is passed on to our video editors. The video editors work closely with the guide writers to ensure they showcase all the correct steps in the video. Our video guides are a form of visual reference that greatly assist those reading the written text. Videos contain closed captions so that viewers can make sense of the actions taking place in the game.

When working on the written guide, our creators have access to hundreds of high-resolution, original screenshots taken in-game, which they use to support their instructions. Once both the video and the written guides are ready, our editors scrutinize their work before publishing the guide.

The work doesn't end there either - even after publication we make sure that our guides stay up to date and relevant. Updates and game patches sometimes change how things work in practice, which we need to reflect in our walkthroughs, and at other times better solutions or methods are discovered or made possible by new content. Whenever this happens, we update our guides to reflect the new state of the game.

A lot of work goes into producing our guides - and that work is happening as we speak! Keep an eye out for our newest walkthroughs and guides on the homepage and under our guides section.