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Opinion: The Highest Rated GTA V Mod Is A Car?



I know the game of has "Auto" in the name, and cars/stealing cars/driving cars is a big chunk of the gameplay and carries quite a bit of importance in it. But how is a car mod, and a very generic super-car mod for that matter, the highest rated file on the most prominent GTA V modding site? Especially when you have stuff like Reapers, working suits of Iron Man armor, guns which shoot vehicles, or mods which have the whole of GTA V taken over by an oppressive monarchic regime of chimps?

Maybe it's just because I'm one of those people who never understood the infatuation with obscenely expensive, pointlessly luxurious and disgustingly pollutive machines of personal transport. But this is something I just don't get. I mean, sure I can appreciate the visual design of a vehicle, or its mechanical performance, and I can appreciate the value of having such a real world vehicle ported into GTA V, but the highest rated GTA 5 mod?

We're talking about YCA-RE's Lamborghini Aventador mod. Granted, the mod looks absolutely fantastic, and it has a lot more functionality than the vast majority of the other umpteen car mods flooding the site: it has functioning brake lights, proper damage mapping, and a view-able engine bay. It's still just a car though.


I agree it's fast and damn fine looking with a slick, elegant and futuristic design. It has strong lines, a characteristic silhouette, aesthetic vent placement and smooth curves, and it has "expensive" written all over it.

But it's still just a car.


If this is what the community wants, then sure, go for it. But I'll personally always prefer mods which add more substance to GTA V. Mods which aren't generic and aren't the sorts of mods you'd expect. Mods with original content and creative input. Mods which are more than just a car.


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