How to Complete Operation Paper Trail - Solo ULP Missions Guide

ULP Mission 5 - Operation Paper Trail

Now we get to the tougher missions. Operation Paper Trail is the second last mission in the ULP mission series. Before we get into the mission, we strongly recommend getting the Armored Kuruma for this mission. It will save your life.


Also, make sure you are fully stocked up on armor and snacks.

Start the mission and make your way to the construction site. Go to the yellow marker, which is the safest way into the site.

You will automatically be put into drone cam mode when you are at the location. Navigate through the different camera angles until you see Mason Duggan and some FIB agents striking a deal at the top of the construction site.

Get out of the vehicle and make your way towards the two guards conversing at the end of the pathway by the car. Equip a suppressed weapon. There is a drone by them too. Wait for the drone to fly away, and take them both out.

Go a bit forward, and look in between the pillars to your left. The drone flew to the left side. Wait for it to return and take it out before it reaches the dead guards.

Go forward and turn right. There is a single guard by the elevator. Take him out.

Two more guards are to the left. Take them out as well.

One of these guards you've killed all the way here will drop a keycard. It will show up as a white keycard icon on the minimap. If none of these killed guards drop the card, then kill the ones on the left side of the construction site.

Once you've acquired the keycard, use it on the elevator and go to the next floor.

When you reach the next floor. Pre-aim towards the wooden board leaning vertically on the wall directly in front of you. A guard will come by. Take him out as soon as he shows up.

Go forward and take out the two guards ahead of you.

The single guard who walked past the two guards you just killed will walk around to your left side. Take him out as well.

Go forward, and you will see a drone. Take this drone out.

Finally, there is one single guard by the second elevator. Take him out and use the elevator to go to the higher floor.

On this floor, you need to be cautious as the gunfight breaks out as soon as you enter the floor. A single guard will directly face you as soon as you reach the floor. Take him out.

On this last floor, it is an all-out gunfight. Take your time here and make your way to the top. There will be a lot of guards here. Stay in cover and take them out. There is no time restriction.

Some guards will also come down from the scaffoldings to your left. Be wary of those guards.

After taking out the guards on this floor, go up the scaffoldings and switch to your death machine if you have one.

Take out the first guard you see directly ahead of you, and then start shooting the gunners on the chopper. It is good if you can take out both the gunners on the chopper. But, if you can't, it is still okay as it helps later when you get to the chopper again. We managed to take one out.

Go up the platform and quickly take out the remaining two guards—one on the right and the second on the left.

Make sure you're quick here, as two more guards will jump you from behind, instantly killing you. You can actually see their marker moving and coming up on the minimap.

Grab the parachute and jump down. Parachute down to your Armored Kuruma and drive to the escaped chopper. You don't have to worry about it going too far away as it stops at a certain point. That's why you should take your time and exercise patience. This mission can get a bit hectic.

Once you get to the chopper, take out both the guards guarding the ladder before leaving your vehicle. The Armored Kuruma provides great protection.

Take the ladder up to the building. Before moving forward, take out this drone which is quite far away from the original location, otherwise it will continuously damage you.

Proceed and use the ladder ahead of you to go up to the rooftop where the chopper landed.

Here you will find more Duggan guards and another drone. Once again, be patient, and take out the guards while in cover.

Take the right side, and move from there towards Mason Duggan. Keep moving forward by eliminating the enemies until you reach Mason.

Take Mason out, and he will drop a briefcase.

Get the briefcase and run back to your Armored Kuruma. You can actually jump down on the building next to you. But make sure you have full health and armor before jumping.

Before you jump down to your Armored Kuruma, take out the incoming enemies.

Once you've taken them out, rush to your vehicle, and drive it to the drop-off point to complete the mission. You will have a lot of enemies chasing you and shooting at you, but with the Armored Kuruma, it's a breeze.

ULP Mission 6 - Cleanup

This is the final ULP mission and a creepy one at that. Once again, we recommend using the Armored Kuruma as it will help you escape the silo at the end.

Make sure to stock up on snacks and armor too. There will be a lot of gunfights involving juggernauts.

When you start the mission, you are tasked to go to the silo on top of Mount Chiliad. You can easily get there by using the agency helicopter. You can find the helicopter near the agency at a construction site. The minimap will show the white helicopter icon.

Go to the top of Mount Chiliad and land the helicopter on the helipad.

Walk into the yellow marker to access the silo hatch and enter the silo.

You can switch to a flashlight from your weapons wheel.

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When you enter, go to your right. The pathway is quite linear so keep following the path until you reach the control room indicated by the yellow marker.

When you reach the control room, interact with the power breaker.

After interacting with the power breaker, you will need to find four fuses. There are 12 fuse spawn locations, but eight of them will be empty. The four fuses will only spawn in four of the 12 locations (one fuse per location). You need to check all the spots and collect them. Following is all twelve possible spawn locations. Note that the map locations shown below are inside the silo only.

Fuse Location 1

Fuse Location 2

Fuse Location 3

This fuse is on a work table behind some supply crates. You need to destroy the supply crates in order to get to the fuse.

Fuse Location 4

Fuse Location 5

Fuse Location 6

Fuse Location 7

Fuse Location 8

Fuse Location 9

Fuse Location 10

Fuse Location 11

Fuse Location 12

This fuse is also hidden behind a stack of supply crates. Destroy the crates to get to the fuse.

The fuse is on a bench drill machine.

After collecting the fuses, bring them back to the power breaker and insert them to get the power back. You will have to interact with the breaker four times. A single fuse is inserted per interaction.

Another important thing to note is that while you're in the silo, take out any hibernating Clifford mercenaries you see. These robots are juggernauts and do a lot of damage. If you take them out now, it will make your escape ten times easier. Listen for the breathing sound to locate the robots. They're generally out in the open or corners. The path inside is linear, and you don't have to go out of your way to find these.

If you haven't already, pick up the minigun from the dead Clifford mercenaries. This death machine will help you fight off the juggernauts during your escape. Yes, even after killing the sleeping ones, a couple more spawn! But the overall number is reduced thanks to us having killed the sleeping ones.

After turning on the power, make your way to the server room. You will find more hibernating robots inside the server room. Before you begin hacking the servers, survey the room and eliminate all the sleeping Clifford mercenaries.

Once you've taken them out, we can hack. Go to the panel and interact using the key indicated by the prompt at the top-left corner of your screen.

Stay inside the yellow region you see on the minimap to hack. Once the hacking starts, you can put your phone away.

Do the same with the second one but be careful: after the completion of the second, at least two juggernauts will spawn. Keep an eye out on your minimap to see where they are coming from and pre-aim in that direction with your death machine.

It is best to take out both the juggernauts before hacking the third and fourth servers.

After the final server hack, you can leave but be careful as more juggernauts will spawn on the ground floor. You can see their location by referring to your minimap.

Before you go back through the door, shoot it to have a visual of the two juggernauts. Eliminate them before you go through the door.

At least two more juggernauts are in the next room. Take them out and keep going.

As you run through the narrow corridor, you will see a juggernaut approaching you slowly. Pre-aim and shoot the juggernaut.

Keep moving forward towards the yellow marker to exit the silo.

Once you're out, use your death machine to destroy the attacking chopper.

Use the wooden platform to jump off the mountain and parachute down to your personal vehicle, which in our case is the Armored Kuruma.

Note that while you're parachuting down, another chopper may spawn. You can use your SMG while parachuting to take out the pilot.

Parachute down to your vehicle, enter, and drive to the IAA Facility.

As you get closer to the facility, a prompt to 'Escape Clifford's Mercenaries' will appear. If it does, just drive off-road, and you will eventually lose them.

After losing them, drive to the marker to complete the finale.

And that concludes Operation Paper Trail. Hopefully, this guide helps you walk through all the missions with ease.

How many ULP missions are there?

There are six ULP missions.

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