How to Complete Operation Paper Trail - Solo ULP Missions Guide

ULP Mission 2 - Counterintelligence

After completing each mission, you will get a call from Agent ULP. Once the call ends, you can start the next mission by going to the 'U' marker. This is the same for all the missions moving forward.

In the second ULP mission, you need to hack two surveillance drones flying at two separate locations. You can go to any one of the drones as the order doesn't matter.

Once you reach one of the drones, you will notice a yellow circle around it. Make sure to stay inside the yellow circle to start hacking.


You will get a prompt to hack the drone when you're inside the circle. Press the indicated button to start hacking and stay inside the yellow circle. Once the progress hits a hundred percent, you can go to the next drone.

After hacking the second drone, you will get the location of the motel with the laptop used to control these drones.

Go to the location and interact with the laptop. It will turn out to be a trap, and you will pass out.

You will then wake up in the back of a van, all tied up with cops surrounding you outside.

You will be tied to a bomb with a timer. Interact with the bomb to your left, and a familiar minigame will start.

Use the laser beam to target the blue nodes and destroy them. Avoid the red ones. You can rotate the mirror nodes to direct the laser beam to the blue packets.

Once done, get out of the van, and enter the driver's seat. You will be in first-person mode. Remember to switch to third-person mode.

Drive the van to the drop-off point and make sure to lose the cops along the way. Do not instantly go to a secluded place in hopes of losing the cops, as it won't work. It is distance-based. You need to keep driving toward the drop-off point until you get a prompt to 'Lose the cops.'

Lose the cops by going off-road. If you're near Ron's Alternate Wind Farm, just drive into the area away from the main road. You will eventually lose the cops. You cannot call Lester to lose the cops in any of the ULP missions.

After losing the cops, deliver the van to the drop-off point to complete the second ULP mission successfully.

ULP Mission 3 - Extraction

In the third mission, you are required to find Agent Johnson. For that, you need to first make your way to her garage.

When you enter the garage, enter Johnson's vehicle to find the clues to her location.

Upon entering her vehicle, you will leave the garage while still seated in thee vehicle. You will get three possible locations where you can find Agent Johnson.

Before going any further, if you own an Armored Kuruma, it would be best to call it in and drive that. It will provide safety when searching for Agent Johnson in dangerous areas.

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Go to each of these locations until you find her. Luckily, we found her at the first location we visited.

You will notice a shootout between the cops and the FIB when you reach the location. Drive inside the area towards the FIB agents, and you will find Agent Johnson.

Park the car next to her and wait for her to sit inside the vehicle.

Drive her to the drop-off point. While driving, you will eventually get a prompt to 'lose the cop.' Remember, you won't lose the cops until you get this message. So, keep driving toward the destination until you get the prompt.

Once you've lost the cops, Agent Johnson will ask you to drop her off at the hospital. Drop her at the hospital to complete the mission.

ULP Mission 4 - Asset Seizure

Asset Seizure is an interesting mission that you can complete in one of two ways. You can either go down route 1 and find a van carrying the required hardware by destroying signal jammers around the city, or you can find the van without destroying the jammers.

Route 1 - Signal Jammers

Five signal jammers are scattered around the city and they are heavily guarded by the Duggans. You will occasionally get a yellow circle shows up on the minimap. This yellow circle represents the general region where the van is.

The van is constantly moving, so it isn't easy to pinpoint the location of the van inside the region without destroying the signal jammers. When you destroy all five signal jammers, it will show the exact location of the van on the map, which you can drive to and steal.

The signal jammers are usually found on rooftops heavily guarded by Duggan soldiers.

As you approach the jammers, you will get attacked by choppers. It is best to take out the choppers by eliminating the pilot first. They do a lot of damage.

Some signal jammers can be seen from quite far away, thanks to the radio antennas that poke out. This helps you avoid confronting the Duggans and taking out the jammers.

Once you've destroyed the final jammer, you will get the exact location of the van on the minimap. Drive to the van, eliminate the driver, and steal it.

It won't be easy to deliver the fan to the drop-off point. It is over 5 kilometers away and there will be a constant barrage of the Duggans aimbotting their way to you. You will need to eat snacks and equip armor constantly as you drive to the drop-off point. Drive the van to the drop-off point to complete the mission.

Route 2 - Direct Hunt

The second route includes you driving directly into the yellow moving circle and finding the van. There can be a lot of different vans driving inside the region, so how do we know which one is the correct van?

It is quite easy. First, you need to get to the middle of the yellow circle. It won't be a perfect center as it is always moving, but you can get almost near. You will need to have a fast vehicle for this to work, or else you will be in an endless chase.

While driving inside the region, you need to look for vans. Once you spot a van, drive in front of it, and it will stop. You need to look inside the van through the windshield window. It will have a white crate with a blue-purple gradient Clifford logo on it.

If you see that logo, that is the asset you need to recover and the van you need to steal. Steal the vehicle, and you will even get a new dialogue from Agent ULP based on finding the van without destroying the jammers.

Deliver the van to the drop-off point to complete the mission.

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