How to Complete Operation Paper Trail - Solo ULP Missions Guide

Who would have thought we would see Clifford from the Doomsday Heist return to GTA Online? Not only Clifford, but also Agent ULP.

The Criminal Enterprises DLC release has brought highly requested QoL updates and also a new set of missions - "Operation Paper Trail" - from Agent ULP, otherwise known as Bernard of the International Affairs Agency (IAA).

That's what this guide is all about - how to complete Agent ULP's Operation Paper Trail missions in the Criminal Enterprises DLC.

How to start the ULP missions

There are six missions in a new storyline called Operation Paper Trail, wherein you work as an IAA Agent for Agent ULP. To unlock these ULP missions, you must log in to GTA Online and wait for a call from Agent ULP. Note that while the overall six mission storyline is called Operation Paper Trail, the fifth mission in the series also has the same name.

After the call from Agent ULP, you can start his missions by going to the 'U' marker on the map.

There are six Operation Paper Trail missions which are as follows (in order):

  • Intelligence
  • Counterintelligence
  • Extraction
  • Asset Seizure
  • Operation Paper Trail
  • Cleanup

In this guide, we cover all six missions and show you how to complete them effectively as a solo player. You can also do the missions with friends and randoms of course. You can start the missions in both public and invite-only lobbies.

ULP Mission 1 - Intelligence

The first mission is quite easy. When you start the mission, you will be asked to go to Mason Duggan's apartment and hack his computer.

When you enter the apartment, you will permanently be in a sneak stance. You cannot change this. You don't have to worry about enemies as there are none.

Simply make your way upstairs and enter the bedroom.

You will find a computer inside the bedroom and interact with it to hack it.

To hack the computer, click on 'My Computer' and then click on 'External Device (J:).'

After that, click on BruteForce.exe. This will start a minigame where you make up a letter by correctly freezing each column. You need to freeze the red letters in the middle row. The word is always random. This hacking method has been in the game for quite a while. So, chances are, you are already familiar with it.

After hacking, you can sprint inside the apartment. Leave the apartment, and you will get two locations marked A and B, respectively.

Location A is the FIB HQ, and location B is the FIB depot. You need to recover four hardware pieces from these locations. Each location has two hardware pieces. You can recover the pieces by going to either one of the locations first. The order doesn't matter.


We went to location A first, the FIB HQ. As you are driving towards the HQ, you will see a small uniform icon on your minimap. This icon indicates the maintenance suit to disguise yourself.

You can either blast your way into the HQ or sneak your way in. Sneaking is much easier and better. Go to the white uniform icon, and interact with the bag at the back of the van to dress up as a maintenance guy.

Go back to the HQ, and enter. Ensure you've hoisted your weapons. Do not take them out, or your cover will be blown, forcing you to fight your way in and out.

Go through the security checkpoint and into the blue marker to use the elevator.

When you've reached the desired floor, go right and through the door into the 'communications' section.

Stand at the door and equip a suppressed weapon. You will find a guard to your left. Take him out with a headshot.

Stay in the same spot and wait for a guard to come to the door to your right. Make sure to stay at this door to avoid his cone of vision. Once he arrives, take him out as well.

Move forward while sneaking, and you will find another guard to your left. He keeps moving back and forth. Wait for him to go back to his office near the computers and take him out.

Look straight ahead, and you will find two guards standing next to each other, conversing. Take them both out in quick succession to avoid detection. If you're playing with a friend, time both the kills.

After taking both the guards out, look to your immediate left, and you will find two guards. One will be leaning over his desk, and the other will walk back and forth. Wait for the walking guard to come to the left side so that he is nearer to the second guard. Once he is there, take both the guards out with a headshot.

You've cleared the communications area. Now, you can look for the hardware. There are two possible spawn locations for the first hardware. The first hardware is an open briefcase with some equipment inside it. The first spawn location is the table inside the conference room to the left at the end of the hallway.

The second spawn location is the top-left corner desk inside the server room.

After getting your first hardware, make your way back to the hallway and to the elevator area. Now, go through the door on the opposite side.

Look to your left, and you will find a guard through the door. Wait for him to turn around and go inside the office to his right. Go through the door and take him out.

There will be two more guards at the end of this corridor having a conversation. Take them both out as well.

The second piece of hardware also has two possible spawn locations. You're looking for a cardboard box with a disc with the Clifford logo. The first spawn location is on the ground inside the second last office to your right.

The second spawn location is the office right next to this one. It can spawn in the corner on the ground.

After acquiring both hardware, make your way back to the elevator and down.

Exit the building and make your way to location B, the FIB depot.

FIB Depot

When you get to the depot, you need to disable the security system by shooting two fuse boxes. You need to destroy these to prevent the alarm from going off. You can find the fuse boxes in the following locations:

  • Fuse Box 1
  • The first fuse box is on top of the dark building in the center. We recommend using a suppressed weapon.

  • Fuse Box 2
  • The second fuse box is on the right side of the same building. It is on a wall next to the huge power box.

Once you've destroyed the fuse boxes, head inside the depot and look for the hardware. The spawn locations are random but always very easy to locate. You can always find the hardware on either the computer desks or the shelves by the walls to your right and left.

The first piece of hardware is an external hard drive. You can find it on either the shelf or the computer table.

The second piece of equipment is a VR headset. These items are hard to miss as they glow in the dark.

Once you've acquired the hardware, deliver it to the drop-off point to complete the first ULP mission.


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