Older GTA 6 Leak Seems Like It Was Right After All

Looking back at the already long history of Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks, it feels like this could be a field of study in and of itself - how sufficient hype and the expectation of a sequel will produce a nearly unending supply of junk data and false information just to feed the audience's hunger.

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Even so, there might be one more big twist in the story; one of the older leaks is rising back to prominence and may have been right all this time.

Rockstar Games' official confirmation that GTA 6 is in development was the breadcrumb of validation that millions of fans were pining for these past few years. Whatever the next game will be called, it is guaranteed to kick up a huge storm - even before being so much as officially confirmed, it was arguably more 'popular' than many games that actually launched.


Amid all those years of leaks, most were, as expected, a total crock. Actually decent looking GTA 6 leaks are a relatively new phenomenon, with reputable sources like Jason Schreier and Tom Henderson joining the ring with their own takes.

However an older, previously dismissed leak has been dragged out of obscurity and re-examined, with many in the fandom coming to the realization that it was the true leak all along. This comes down to some of the things it predicted coming true - the leak spoke of a remastered version of the 3D era titles launching before GTA 6, which came true in the form of The Definitive Edition. It also stated that GTA 6 would be revealed in 2022, which also checks out.

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There were also references to impressive weather and destruction effects in the game, as if the leaker had seen it in action, and curiously on-theme job postings were shared by Rockstar Games in the months since then.

Another big reason why suddenly the fandom latched onto this older leak is that it apparently disappeared from 4Chan. Those fans with... more active imaginations chalked this up to it hitting too close to home, with the Take-Two secret police pulling a KGB on the info. Of course, this is the internet, so nothing can be truly deleted.

As for the leak itself - this was the one that suggested the game would be set in the 80's, in Vice City, with flashback sequences to the protagonist's father during the 70's in Liberty City. It was a fairly in-depth report, and few believed it at the time. Maybe it was the most legit leak all this time.

In any case, we're eager to hear more official GTA 6 news.


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