Old GTA 6 Reveal Rumor Rekindled By Remaster Release

A while back Rockstar Games brought a new vehicle to Grand Theft Auto Online, the rugged Vetir which served as the perfect troop transport for your ventures in Cayo Perico - but that wasn't why it was interesting. The artwork used to promote the release of the Vetir went for a typeface that sparked a bunch of rumors, and now they're back.


The initial rumor was that the way the font spelled out Vetir hid some numbers, specifically VI, 7 and 11. This was assumed to be a stealthy hint that GTA 6 would be revealed on the 7th of November. This already seemed like a huge stretch at the time, and also way too early a date considering when everyone's expecting it to launch.

Now that we know that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition will launch on November 11th, some fan theorists went back to the Vetir image and re-examined the way the font seemingly spelled out the numbers. Some now think that the initial assumption was wrong, and the actual hidden message is "VI: 11 11", which would place a reveal date for the next game on the release date of The Definitive Edition.


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Honestly, we can't see it - neither how two 11s are in there, nor why Rockstar would steal the thunder of their own product with such a momentous reveal that, once again, is much too early. The 7 and 11 required a bit less of a stretch to see, but if there is any deliberacy behind this message it's definitely just Rockstar messing with a gullible fanbase.


We didn't put stock in this Vetir hint back when it first popped up, and we certainly don't now - best bets from industry insiders put GTA 6's release years away with 2025 being the earliest anyone can realistically see it launch, meaning its announcement is also years away. Additionally, considering the huge hype around the game, announcing it the day The Definitive Edition is released would be a poor move from a marketing standpoint - why drown out the release of a new product with the biggest gaming news of the decade?


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