Official Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement is reportedly coming "soon"

GTA 6 is so big that Rockstar Games technically doesn't have to make a fuss about its announcement.

Rev your engines, gamers, because the hype train for GTA 6 may just be getting fueled for a fast-approaching announcement.

If you've been prowling the gaming forums, you've probably come across the occasional barbershop talk, but this time around, it isn't just any whisper. It's a word from Tez2, the insider whose track record on GTA leaks is as bullet proof as that free Apocalypse ZR380 that's being given away to GTA+ subscribers this month. According to Tez2, an official GTA 6 announcement could be just around the corner, and let me tell you, it looks more promising than ever.

"Everything seems to line up for a high likelihood of Rockstar announcing VI soon," as per Tez2 on GTA Forums.

Rockstar Games deserves a lot of props for keeping a tight lid over privy details regarding GTA 6.

When someone with a reputation like his speaks, you best believe it's worth listening. As expected, the internet is all ears. Tez2 suggests that the clues might be hidden in plain sight within GTA Online. Perhaps a treasure hunt or a new collectible, aligned with what he's claiming is a December or Summer update, could serve as the harbinger for the big reveal. Rockstar's track record suggests this is more than plausible; remember, GTA Online has been their playground for Easter eggs and teasers before.

Sure, Rockstar has been teasing us in the most tantalizing of ways. Flashback to those alien-themed GTA 5 ten-year anniversary shirts that appeared and then vanished like a thief in the night from GTA Online. The shirts were screaming coded messages like "One day will reveal all." Well, maybe that day is drawing near. Then there's that UFO sighting in GTA Trilogy, which fans believe could be our inaugural peek at GTA 6. With this sort of breadcrumb trail, it's almost as if Rockstar is practically inviting us to join the dots.

Now let's add some corporate sugar to this gaming cocktail. Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick has been singing a great tune about GTA 6, hinting at a potential 2024-2025 release. That means a trailer might just be ready to roll, folks. And before you think of Take-Two's diverse portfolio as a buzzkill, remember, no title in their arsenal has the seismic impact of a GTA game.

Despite the earlier leaks, we still know very little about GTA 6.

The fiscal forecast for Take-Two is looking sunnier than a day in Los Santos, aiming to jump from $5.5 billion to $8 billion in net bookings in the next fiscal year. Unless Take-Two release all of its in-development AAA titles outside of GTA 6 in the same fiscal year, nothing moves the needle quite like the sequel to the best-selling non-Minecraft game of all time.

Keep in mind that GTA 6 is poised to break and set new records and probably crash the internet too. A boost in fiscal projections like that could very well have GTA 6 written all over it.

Let's also cast aside the agony of waiting. Yes, gamers are restless; we've been burned by long waits before, GTA 6 has been officially confirmed since last year and has reportedly been in development for the better part of the past decade. That's not exactly an eternity, but Rockstar knows all eyes are on them.

Much like Starfield, GTA 6 is the sort of game that's too big to fail.

So, should you bet your in-game empire on GTA 6's imminent announcement? This time, it might not be a bad gamble.


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  1. I don't know. I think 2025 seems more realistic, especially with what has been said by the CEO. I know a lot of things could be pointing to 2024 but I feel like it would be too tight of a release window.

  2. @8bitavenger,
    Wouldn't it be something if they announced on that day too? Though it falls on a Sunday this year so I don't know if they would or not.

  3. I think they are going to announce in September or October, depending on which month the game is going to be released. A lot of people are speculating they will do September 17th again of 2024. It lines up perfectly with GTA 5's release.

    1. I heard the game is going to be announced for a release in 2024 the day of where it is a year away. So I am thinking it will happen on the 17th of this month. That is this Sunday!

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