Ocelot Locust Available In GTA Online

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online a new vehicle has been added to the game, there are fresh bonuses to help you earn enough GTA$ to afford said new vehicle, as well as a new set of discounts, a new vehicle available via the Diamond lucky wheel, and more!

The Ocelot Locust is the newest prospective tenant of your increasingly scarce garage space. An interesting piece of trivia is that this isn't the first appearance of the Locust in the GTA franchise - the vehicle was previously featured (with a different design) in GTA: London 1969. The new iteration is based heavily on the Lotus 3-Eleven, with the name being a clear reference to this. This flashy supercar can be yours for "just" GTA$ 1,625,000.


Luckily, this week's double RP and GTA$ promotions are good ones - the Bunker Series, which transplants fan-favorite Adversary Modes to the underground location of the Gunrunning bunker. Joining this are the actual gunrunning sell missions which pay out double cash this week.

That, plus the double rewards bonus applying to special cargo sales and Smuggler's Run sell missions is where the real money's at. In keeping with the whole bunker theme, all Gunrunning Research will progress at 2x the usual speed, allowing you to develop those MKII weapons much quicker.

This week, there are several free log-in reward waiting for you to claim. These include an exclusive Ocelot logo tee to go with your new Locust, and a pair Sessanta Nove liveries for the HVY Barrage, HVY APC and the Pegassi Oppressor.

Test your fortune at the Diamond's lucky wheel this week for the chance to bag a Cheval Taipan supercar for free! Keep in mind that you can only spin the wheel once a day, so you have seven chances to win the car - unless you use the method described in our guide.

Some limited-time goods are also making a return to the casino store, so if you missed out on items like the Gold Roulette Kronos Tempo watch, now's your chance. A number of items are at a 40% discount too, including Bunkers and their renovations, Hangars and their renovations and a number military vehicles.

Check back next week to find out what car you can win at the lucky wheel!

Aron Gerencser
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