Nvidia Features GTA V in Drivers Update


Are you ready for GTA V on PC? NVIDIA certainly is. We’ve talked about the company before, when we learned GTA V will support the TXAA anti-aliasing feature, but now a user on the GTA Forums has discovered that GTA V is featured in a new GeForce driver update.

The update image, pictured above, shows an image from the game and asks “Is your PC ready for Grand Theft Auto V?” It also contains a link that shows you how your PC compares to the GTA V requirements.

This may not mean there is a special GeForce update made specifically because of GTA V, as it could just be an advertisement. Nevertheless, it shows GTA V for PC is highly-anticipated. Are you looking forward to its release at the end of March?

Samantha Lienhard
Long-time staffer Sam might have been relatively new to the world of Grand Theft Auto when she joined, but has quickly caught up to speed on the world of Los Santos and all that it entails. You’ll find most of her posts in the news section, while she also maintains many of the other guides and other information pages you’ll find scattered around the site.


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