No, Ned Luke Didn’t Just Confirm GTA V Story DLC

We think it’s about time for GTA V players to accept that the game probably won’t be seeing any single player DLC. Ever.

Despite all the alleged leaks, despite Shawn Fonteno’s relentless attempts to troll the community, despite all the hope fans can muster, the only new content the game is getting seems to be GTA Online updates. Despite everyone knowing this deep down, every little sign that story mode DLC might be in the works is followed by a flood of tweets and shoddy YouTube videos claiming that “Story DLC has been confirmed”.


The most recent cause for this craze was a tweet by Ned Luke – who incidentally denied all knowledge of GTA V Story content – featuring the three voice actors. The tweet was accompanied by hashtags such as “#BackTogether” and “#Happening #Soon” (why those two are separate is beyond me, but then I never did understand hashtags).

Of course the knee-jerk reaction of the GTA V community was mouth-foaming about how Story DLC has now been officially confirmed. In reality all this is about are those convention appearances that were planned for the three voice actors (see previous link for details). For quite a while Rockstar had been looking to get the guys out to events again and Luke recently confirmed that this is indeed happening.

Take-Two Interactive recently released their financial records which showed that Online is their biggest cash cow. While GTA V sold over 60 million copies, it was Shark Card sales for Online which generated the most revenue.


Based on this you’d think it would be pretty obvious to steer any resources it would have spent on single player content to creating more GTA Online DLC updates.

Of course it must also be taken into account that two of the three endings of V would exclude both Trevor and Michael from future content.

Which convention do you think GTA V’s voice actors will be attending?

Aron Gerencser
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