No More GTA Online Character Re-Customization Through Support

The appearance of your character in a multiplayer game such as GTA Online is pretty darn important. It may not have much of a gameplay impact but it's the only thing that identifies you for most other players you'll meet. It's the face that you'll be staring at for your whole playtime. It represents you.


No wonder then that players occasionally want to edit their character. Maybe when they first got the game they were so eager to jump in that they just went with whatever was the default. Maybe they now want to update the character to better channel themselves. Maybe they just got bored.


Times were that if you wanted to remake your character, all you needed to do was submit a support ticket to Rockstar, who'd then set your account in such a way that the next time you booted up GTA Online with the character in question, it would land you at the character creation screen. While technically this was limited, Rockstar being the generous guys they are (discounts, free DLC, etc etc) usually let players change their avatars more often.


However, recently players have begun reporting that their requests for character re-customization have been rejected.

As we stated in our previous message we no longer offer elective GTA Online character appearance changes.

The replies to the tickets also contained some explanation regarding this sudden change.

Here at Rockstar Support, our focus is to help players who are having technical support issues with our games. We hope you understand

Based on Rockstar's track record, they're not prone to just cutting out a feature or service like that. Players almost instantly took this as a sign that maybe the long suggested fan request of having a plastic surgeon in-game is being fulfilled.


Looking at it from a financial standpoint, it makes sense. There's a demand, and if the price of the service is high enough, it will be more incentive to buy Shark Cards.

Do you hope for a plastic surgeon to be added to GTA Online?

Aron Gerencser
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