Newest GTA Online Update Suffers Major Bug

We’d hold off on shelling out over $GTA1M on a fully upgraded Sultan until the biggest bug contained in the recent update is looked at. If you thought regular lowriders were expensive to customize, then just imagine if you had to re-buy everything each time you join a new session.

You didn’t pay over a million for this…

Yesterday Rockstar sneaked, possibly by accident, an update into GTA Online without making any kind of announcement. They then caught up with themselves today by making things official and announcing a new Adversary Mode to go with the update as well.

Some players have begun reporting some pretty serious problems with their fully tricked out Sultans and Banshees – namely that whenever they switched session the rides would not be so tricked out any longer. The upgrades would disappear and would need to be repurchased every time. Whether or not the initial big upgrade which unlocks customization options would disappear as well varies from case to case – some players have had to shell out over $GTA million several times because their ride reverted to the stock version.


Standard procedure in such cases would be to contact Rockstar support with the issue, either through phone or online ticket. Calling them might produce faster results but make sure you’re polite to the rep.

Nor a GTA$ one million  this.

Understandably many players are a tad ruffled considering how time consuming it is to gather cash in GTA Online. Generally Rockstar is helpful in these situations so if you call them or write a ticket you’ll most likely get your money back. It definitely helps the process if you have some kind of proof that you made the upgrade purchases. Many times when a bug is this widespread players act like they lost something they didn’t buy just to get a handout.

Have any of you experienced this new GTA Online bug?

Aron Gerencser
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