Newest GTA Online Anti-Cheat Methods Detailed

GTA Online patch 1.29, containing the Freemode Events DLC, has introduced a new anti-cheat system. Better yet, it introduced it in a way that does not shaft PC players.

In fact not only are PC players unshackled from their previous restraints, the new system works marvellously, nicking cheaters and hackers in GTA Online consistently. However, do not mistake the new method (which no longer breaks the game) any less strict. In fact, some of the new punishments are so severe that this can be considered yet another large scale crackdown.

As opposed to the previous infringement ladder (being 10 days to one month to two months, with only extreme cases earning a permaban) it seems Rockstar is no longer intent on keeping cheaters in the game and merely punishing them temporarily. Now, the 10 day ban comes with a longer or even permanent chat and mic ban, the one month ban sets your cash balance to GTA$20,000 (even if you purchased a Shark cash card), and the two month ban has been changed to a permanent ban from GTA Online.


But wait.

There's more.

If you are hit with all three on the same account, you will reportedly be banned from playing story mode. Yes, you read that right. Story mode. If this happens, you will only be able to run the game in offline mode. This particular addition has already began to make the public restless, which could be expected, as why on earth would multiplayer hacking get you banned from the single player portion?

Other punishments include matchmaking limitations, which mean that you'd only be able to join lobbies with very few players, lobbies populated only by cheaters, or empty lobbies. This is still regulated based upon the bad sport points, or smaller cheating infringements.

What do you guys think of the new GTA Online anti-cheat protocols?


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  1. I don't cheat in online games. I dont mod games, and I never will, but it's truly humorous to see a person say how morally wrong it is to cheat in a game. Or in real life seemingly comparing them as the same thing, or close to it. Yet have you forgotten you're playing a game that entirely revolves around being a criminal, not only a criminal, but a sociopath. I love gta, but I dont expect it to be something it's not. I mean it's never been a game based on morality thas fo sho. I hate toxic players that cheat to get ahead then scrub the floor with low level characters with a mk2 or whatever they happen to have, but in a game based on the criminal underworld, and the ideology of stepping on others to get ahead, it's to be expected. Hypocrisy, is everywhere ladies and gents.

  2. Everything is fine, Except Perm ban and single player, you paid for a game after all, so perm ban is like scamming the players who bought the game.

  3. I call BS on this article. I call absolute BS on Rockstar even knowing what an Anti-Cheat is. I have no idea how they are supposedly catching cheaters other than by telling people to use their entirely inadequate reporting system. I'm all for harsh punishments for cheaters, even harsher than the ones described in this article, but the fact that I can't go more than 30 minutes on a public server without being griefed has me calling BS!! Things have gotten no better than they were when GTA-O first came out on PC.. Every now and then one of these articles comes out, they do a mass banning, the griefing stops for 2 or 3 weeks and then it comes back, with a vengeance, each time worse than the last break from the grief.... If Rockstar had even a tiny clue what an Anti-Cheat is, the Griefing on GTA-Online with mods would be almost non-existent, but it's rampant, leading me to call someone a liar, but I'm not pointing at the writer of this article because I can believe they were just reporting what they were told... No, I'm calling Rockstar Liars... Every time they let out information that they are dealing with the cheaters and it should be resolved, they are telling lies. Outright and blatant lies, because there is NO anti-cheat in GTA-Online.

    1. Yup. My thoughts exactly. For every 3 hours of play, I encounter probably 5-ish exploiters. I report them, but a). that doesn't have any effect on their actions at the moment, and b). if there really were consequences for cheating, then why are so many people still doing it? 10-30% of the players in all of the freemode lobbies I've been in are running exploits. If Rockstar really did ban cheaters, they would lose a significant portion of their player base. I suspect that they only go after people who are circumventing the Shark Card scheme by generating their own money.

      I would like to have people running exploits funneled off into their own server with other similar players. (I mean, I would like to have that be a real thing, not just words that Rockstar puts in a line of text because they think it sounds good).

      Of course, I doubt that Rockstar really has anything but a very small handful of people working on GTA Online at the moment, so nothing is really ever going to get improved.

      Don't even get me started on the stupidly clumsy weapon wheel (on PC no less!), the Shark Cards being way too expensive for what you get (given how easy it is to spend 8 mill in-game now on mostly useless junk), and how R* isn't adding any heists, probably because the heist payouts would detract would-be suckers from the Shark Card scheme.

      1. Well, I've been quite clear to Rockstar on this matter. I will not buy another Rockstar game and will score negatively on my opinions on 2k until GTA-Online has a working anti-cheat system in it.

      2. In order to have an anti cheat system that is effective, they have to design an economy in the game that makes modding, cheats, and hacks unattractive. That is, players have to feel genuinely rewarded and not overly frustrated with mundane challenges and routine functions of the games.

        When you spend $10,000 on ammo each round for 10 rounds and you are out $100,000 on a single mission and are never refunded when someone drops out, that is very unattractive and frustrating for users. Even more so if their reward for winning is $75,000 and only a small amount of RP. They might as well bring back the hunger bar from San Andreas and the swarm of military 5 star wanted level that guarantees the slightest tap against a tank results in your car exploding.

  4. This is the exact reason why I'm so against EULA's. It's one thing to own intellectual property and tangible assets of owning/running a business. It's another to violate the civil liberty of users' ability to do what they want with products they buy with their money for their own entertainment. Toyota can't just lock my car if I decide to replace the radio, install a turbo, drop out the automatic transmission for a manual, and install a tablet of my choice to run various electrical functions.

    While I could get into technicalities, here is the end point: Don't regulate non-violent hacking.
    Violent: Aim-Bot
    Non-Violent: Money-Drop
    Violent: Destroy All Cars/People
    Non-Violent: Flying cars (self)

    If something is more neutral and/or causes instability of the server/program, then block that activity without punishment. If whatever script command is generated to create a hack, have it flagged and pair it with a command to close GTAV without saving.

    To date, I have never modded or used cheats in GTA V. I enjoy the game enough without them. But the economy of the game almost requires modding. Because defending yourself against a player killer might entail using up $2,000 on bombs, rockets, and bullets to kill someone by some means that likely will cause their nigh end sports car to explode, forcing you (the victim) to be liable for up to $20,000+ in insurance fees per car per person. And that racks up quick in GTA V. And because of the cumulative effects of repurchasing ammo and armor for missions in combination with the huge number of restarts because of failure or players dropping out, you're lucky to break even on some jobs.

    I would suspect Rockstar has a lot to be wary of in regard to push-back from their customers. Seeing as they are selling them the most comprehensive mass murdering criminal simulator on the market.

    1. Since you said that you didn't do any of that, I will use "Victim" here just as you did.

      This is just a excuse to use said programs, everyone else is the same as the "Victim", everyone else starts at the same starting point, the "Victim" is not ""fighting the power"" using cheats, the "Victim" is just proving that the "Victim" is weaker then everyone else and need a handicap to do like everyone do, please help me here and explain to me why the "Victim" that you defend are so special that it's ok for he / she to use those programs against people that don't ( using myself as example, that never used anything, started at lvl 0 with no money and got everything twice... and no I'm not hardcore, if I'm anyting would be closer to casual )

      The "Victim" is capable to solo almost every normal mission, HEISTS are the only exception because the "Victim" need 3 more people, the solution to that is get friends to play with he / she, and even if that doesn't net the "Victim" a sucess, next solution is experience, get better, simple as that... might be hard, might be time consuming, but it is still doable. Hell I did that with another 3 guys that are able to play only on sundays...

      Any sort of hacking/cheating should be punishable, again, what's so special about the "Victim" that she / he deserve to have raining money on she / he?

      I paid the same amount of money for the game as the "Victim" did, yet you say that the "Victim" should have privileges with god-like powers just because she / he can't deal with aggressive players...

      1. "please help me here and explain to me why the "Victim" that you defend are so special that it's ok for he / she to use those programs against people that don't "

        It should be okay for someone to take advantage of a reasonably non violent exploit in order to enjoy the game in a manner that suits them best.

        What you are getting into is, kind of a elitism/better-than-thou sort of thing. While it is nice to stick to the programming, and if a game only comes with Hard Mode and no other settings, and other factors, it is "honorable" to stick to the program and try to beat the game under the terms that the developers intended. But when you have a sandbox game that revolves around encouraging you to do whatever you want however you want, there is no real set way to do any given thing. Including make money. While you might start out with $0 and work hard in the game. Some rich snob who is "weak" and feels entitled can drop a thousand dollars on Shark Cards like it's nothing and have the time of their life. But that brings in another aspect into play, physical money and value.

        I don't make enough money easily enough to buy Shark Cards
        Nor do I have enough free time to invest in the game to get as far as I would like with the amount of time I do play. Granted you never really get "far" so much as you acquire things. When I first started the game the first person I really hung out with was a modder who did give me some seed money to buy a place and a car and helped point me in the right direction. Without that "starter pack" I'd probably have no interest in playing online simply because the economics don't make sense.

      2. You're right. I played Skyrim a lot more when I started modding it. It makes me sad that we cannot have similar customization for GTA Online.

        However, the biggest issue is that to create a hierarchy, or hacking approval rules, would take a lot of resources that R* should have invested in during development. They didn't. Plus, they use some practically bottom-barrel server setups, which could just lock up if a large portion of the player base was engaging in hacking / exploits.

        On the money issue in particular, I completely agree with you.
        While on some level, I would like to know that I played long and hard to get a whole bunch of crap (half of which will never leave the garage / closet) and that this somehow sets me above lesser players, I just don't tend to have the time. In fact, no responsible mature person (notice the M rating on the box) should have so many unused hours of time to invest.
        If you want a $10 mill yacht, be prepared to invest around 60-80 hours, at least, and that's if you get decent groups to grind with for 6 or 7 hours a day. Shark Cards seem innocent at first, until you realize that you're shelling out in excess of $100 for a boat that doesn't really do anything except sit in place and have a couple of NPCs on it.

        But we cannot exploit money into our game, because Rockstar's fallback plan for GTA Online was to charge outlandish prices for idiot shark cards, once people realized that heists weren't really the great events they were trumped up to be.
        The biggest heist issues are: Not enough players; when you nearly get enough players, they are either booted or they leave; some players are just griefers trying to screw you over; you will spend more time in loading screens and cutscenes than you will actually doing any playing; the heist only pay a set, comparatively minuscule amount, regardless of how well your team did.

        I don't really want to have to play Pacific Standard 40 times just to get a yacht. Lester annoys the ever-loving crap out of me. But unfortunately, Rockstar seems fine with all forms of exploits, other than money hacks. So I'll grind Pac Stan until I'm tired of the BS and decide to move on. Unless they do something drastically different with the online, I don't intend to return for GTA VI.

        Looking at your other posts here, I see that we are actually in agreement about a lot of things. Every decision I make to go after a griefer is predicated by my decision to ignore how many hundreds of thousands it's gonna cost in ammo and property damage.
        I can either lose money and get S***-rolled by the NPC cops, or I can completely ignore the way the game was meant to be played and hope to hide in my house or switch servers before they kill me again.

      1. Real life has laws, not rules. TOS and EULA are for control freaks who demand maximum control. There is nothing unethical about using cheat codes and mods in order to duplicate worthless things that have no value. The fact that Rockstar makes it difficult to obtain and monopolizes these things creates an artificial implied value that inspires people to spend money.

        Funny enough, money in the real world, as we know it, has an implied value, it is created from nothing and cannot be used for anything outside the financial industry through trade. You can't really take money and fabricate anything of any value. You can only spend it. Consequently, the Federal Reserve who prints money doesn' want people counterfeiting it because then they lose control of their implied position of power which really doesn't hold water.

        Yet ironically, there are legal ways to create money from nothing. But TOS and EULA prohibit it to every extent possible.

      2. If you were talking about a single player game where you are only affecting yourself with your cheating I would agree but the moment it's multi-player your cheating affects others and it's wrong, period... If you are supposed to work hard to get something or spend real money, cheating to get it is criminal, and you have a criminal mentality. You clearly do not understand what rules and laws are, and you definitely don't understand how money works in the Real World, because you can't just snap your fingers and materialize millions of dollars in the Real World anymore than you should be allowed to in the game, and if you really can, then by all mean prove it my snapping your fingers and dripping a billion dollars worth of money bags on me... I mean if you are going to cheat, you should at least be generous with your cheating right?... So where's my billion?

      3. I'd be happy to give you a billion. It's all fake money after all. Your logic is founded strongly upon integrity and morals, which makes it impossible to have any sort of constructive conversation. You live in a world of what is right and wrong regardless of actualities associated with reality and fiction (GTA). You have no interest and tolerance for injustice yet you neglect how your morals and values are twisted by people who exploit your nobility for their profitability, in both the real world, and in fictional worlds.

      4. Being a slimey bastard because the world is full of slimey bastards still makes you a slimey bastard. I choose not to stoop to your level and to honor the idea that if I don't want someone doing something to me, I won't do it to them... It's called having a conscience but you are clearly either a psychopath or a sociopath and don't care... SO it's you that should be pitied for being unable to fit within a society that is supposed to be run by rules and feel that the only way to win is to cheat.... Some of us do NOT cheat.

      5. I know where I fit in society, I profit from people like you because your false and sometimes hypocritical sense of morality cost you time, money, and happiness. I'm not calling anyone names here. I voiced my opinion and specifically said -non violent- exploits that don't interfere with the gameplay of other players/users ought not to be regulated with such intensity. Specifically so the people who aren't ruining the fun of others aren't being negatively harmed for engaging in constructive fun. There are a lot of ways Rockstar could go about addressing this issue while still maintaining or even increasing gross and net profits for the company. And none of those ways would involve climbing up on some high horse of morality and calling people slimey bastards and ruling with an iron fist. That sort of methodology usually expedites the collapse of an institution, relationship, government.

  5. I read alot about cheating in Gta5 and yes i agree to Rockstar stop that online,but dont ban players from story mode,really stupid isnt? you dont believe google it.
    I find alot players who must buy new copy of game because Rockstar punish them not only from online they ban players to they cant play offline the story mode,game simple crash everytime when they click game icon to enter....punish players who want cheat online ,but dont smash feelings to person who spit 50-70$ for a game.

    1. Easy to say when you ignore the economy of having to spend up to a couple grand on bullets and bombs to blow up a player's car who is spawn killing you, in their super nice car on top of $5,000 - $20,000+ insurance fee the VICTIM pays defending themselves. It doesn't take a lot of violent encounters to rack up $100,000 loss in cash. And you can't just get that back playing missions. Because every time you don't beat the mission the first time through, and each time you do, you have to buy more ammo and armor for the job, and potentially insurance fees if your car blew up mid-mission. There's been several times I've won a mission and earned a lot of money and still net a loss. Not to mention the number of people who just drop out of missions entirely.

      1. Missions were the absolute worst. Especially that crap about not being able to choose the "Repeat" option after a mission. I guess they didn't want people spamming Titan.
        It got so bad, my first mission investments were the armored Kuruma and an AP pistol, because I didn't have to buy armor, and pistol ammo is comparatively cheap. Good luck making money if you wanna use rocket launchers or sniper rifles.

      2. Sorry, but I'd be one of those drop outs, every time I pass the loss line where I am losing money even if I succeed, due to retries, whenever someone used mods or hacks to cheat, or when we clearly have a mission troll of griefer... I stopped putting up with the BS about a year ago.

      3. Szia nem tucc valamit ha meghackeltek és lementem a 7 valahányadik szintről az 1 -s re??

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