New Wave Of Bans In GTA Online – Hackers Beware

It seems as if Rockstar is finally doing something about that hacker issue the community has been nagging them about for the better part of the year. While this wave of bans is still small compared to the number of hackers there are in total, it might help scare many of them into legitimacy, and will definitely make the GTA Online servers slightly cleaner at the very least.


The issues with cheater and script-users in GTA Online has been around for as long as the game itself, however the problem was never as serious as it was this year. 2015 marked the highest number of Online modders, the highest number of bans and the most extreme anti-cheating measures.

Any GTA Online player who was around at the time will undoubtedly remember, in terrifying detail, what chaos the 1.28 patch wrought. While PC players were hit by the worst of it, due to modding per-se only being an issue on that platform, console players felt the performance drop too.


Despite the extreme measures, the modders and hackers always found a way through. The current-gen consoles were generally safe, seeing as the PS4 and Xbox One have hardware based, super-tight anti-cheating security. But recently, even they seemed to be cracked, and GTA Online was teeming with cheaters all over.

Things got so bad that literally every public lobby had 1-2 scripters in them, and the only way to enjoy the game was by playing with friends or your crew in private lobbies. However, based on some threads on community sites, and the Rockstar support site, a sudden and massive wave of bans were just issued.


Rockstar may be cleaning up the servers for the holidays, giving their players who are more busy through the year a chance to enjoy the game during their days off, when they actually have time to play. The inevitable Christmas DLC‘s imminent launch may be another factor.

How serious is the hacking issue in GTA Online in your opinion?

Aron Gerencser
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