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New Stunt Race DLC Hits GTA Online - Available Now

Update your insurance, dust off your jumpsuit and grab your helmets, because it's time to jump back into one of Grand Theft Auto Online's most death defying activities with eight new Stunt Race tracks. Stunt Racing: A Cunning Stunts Event is injecting new life into the crazy corner of the racing scene - and that's not even all.

This week's DLC packing eight new race tracks mirrors Tuesday's update to GTA Online's sister-game, Red Dead Online, which also got an infusion of 8 race tracks - and in both cases, these smaller updates are just the precursors of bigger summer DLCs being released soon. For now, let's focus on what we got instead of what's coming.

If you've only joined the world of GTA Online recently, you might have missed out on Cunning Stunts - the update which first introduced the zany, over-the-top tracks to the game that had players race through immense hoops and launch themselves across deadly drops which would be impossible to clear without the speed boosters. The tracks would be suspended mid-air, winding around some of the map's highest landmarks offering breathtaking views before you slammed into a wall or mountain at terminal velocity and perished in a ball of fire.

Let's take a quick look at the 8 new tracks that you can play right now in GTA Online:

Sun, Sea and Chicanes is a race with classic sports cars in mind that has you zip past some of Blaine County's most iconic examples of scenic beauty, both natural and otherwise with the track looping over itself on multiple levels, winding around mountains and bridges.

A Tight Spot sandwiches the motorcycle riding contestants between ceiling and tarmac in what could pass for a metaphoric analogy of cramped urban life if not for the hairpin turns you need to take at breakneck speeds, so you'll be leaning sideways scuffing your knees on the concrete more often than not.

Bridge Too Far drops sports cars on the La Puerta Freeway after it got a heavy makeover. Gone is the jam-packed commute route constantly stalled with traffic, replaced by rings of fire, ramps, speed boosters and a myriad other props that would make everyday travel all the more entertaining - and lethal.

Cluster Struck is, beyond a pretty on-brand pun, the result of when some totally baked designer muses "what if race track, but dadaism" aloud, and some other (probably also totally baked) designer decides to roll with it. You'll be questioning whether the muscle car you're driving is even real by the end of this one.

Vicious Spiral is one track we don't recommend anyone play when drunk, high or hungover. To be fair, probably no Stunt Race is a good option in those states, but with the flashing, spinning neon tunnel you'll plummet through as part of this track for supercars, it's likely the worst choice of them all. Rainbow road ain't got nothing on this.

Canyon Fodder is the perfect track to let your heavy duty off road vehicles live out their fantasies of being gymnasts - or your fantasies of crashing headfirst into the arid ground, if you're not the kind of driver who anthropomorphizes their cars. That's okay too.

Smoke Up Your Asphalt sounds like the result of someone taking a bet for designing a track that violates the most safety regulations. Here, you'll take motorcycles and race through - and over - the Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

City Limits has you put on a show for all the white collar wage slaves pretending to jot numbers into a spreadsheet throughout the office buildings in downtown Los Santos as you jump and speed past their upper floor windows.

While that about covers the eight new Stunt Race tracks you can jump into in GTA Online, there is more to sink your teeth into this week - including bonuses, freebies and discounts as is usual each Thursday. First off, let's check out the log-in rewards.

All players who spend some time in Los Santos this week will automatically unlock the exclusive Wine Coil Cap at no cost, and if you are over Rank 100, you can add the Hunting Camo livery for the Mammoth Avenger to the list of free loot as well.

We're going to guess that most of you planned to try out the new Stunt Races anyway, but there are some extra incentives in store for players who give the new content a spin. Completing any of the new tracks will unlock the Canis American Legend T-Shirt for free, and get hit with a bonus of GTA$ 100,000 as well. Alongside these one-time bonuses, you'll also be rewarded with triple the usual rate of GTA$ and RP for every race this week.

If you want to get your head out of the clouds but not out from behind the wheel, you can complete some work for Simeon. Premium Deluxe Repo Work offers a chance to drive without having to jump or loop, but you'll still be aptly rewarded as there is a 2x bonus on the cash and RP rewards you get for completing the missions. Additionally that triple reward promo on Motor Wars is still live this week.

There's another way to grab a freebie this week, if you are the gambling type - though we suggest you spin the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino & Resort every day even if you aren't, because it doesn't cost anything. If you win the vehicle prize, you'll drive off with a Truffade Nero Custom that's already been suped up.

It wouldn't be an event week in GTA Online without some enticing discounts you can blow all that extra cash on. The Pegassi Infernus Classic, the Överflöd Imorgon, the Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom, the Grotti X80 Proto, the Coil Rocket Voltic, the HVY Chernobog, the Brute RCV, the TM-02 Khanjali, the Mammoth Thruster and the Mammoth Hydra are all 40% off, while the Declasse Scamjet has been discounted by 35%.

Now's a good time to stock up on some fancy rides, since that upcoming summer DLC will be placing a lot of focus on underground car meets where you can show off your fanciest vehicles! Stay tuned for more news on that update.


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