New Rockstar Artwork NOT GTA 6 Tease

Every so often there will be a sudden wave of Grand Theft Auto 6 speculation that parts of the community will ride on for days, regardless of its validity. Sometimes it's a fake leak, sometimes it's a rumor and sometimes it's a straight up misunderstanding that has been misconstrued as an indication that an announcement is impending.

The latter has happened recently.

The source of this latest wave of speculation is the recent overhaul of the Rockstar Games website. A new layout, fresh design elements, a tendency to chop up GTA newswire articles into 3 bits and a slew of new artwork used for backgrounds are just some of the changes the website went through.


Apparently, one of the retrofuturist pieces of artwork accompanying the Rockstar logo tripped the GTA 6 alarm.

Another example of new Rockstar Games artwork. Is "FINE INTE" a new IP, or maybe just a random artistic choice? You decide!

Granted, it wasn't just the redesign - there was also a Open Wheel Races video which Rockstar kept as Private on their YouTube channel until the DLC was actually live.

New artwork and a private video equalled an upcoming game announcement as far as some fans were concerned. Ultimately, the only thing that happened is that a bunch of GTA YouTubers now have ammo for a few substanceless videos.

The artwork Rockstar uses on their website is fantastic, though - this current situation began when notable GTA leaker and data miner Yan2295 tweeted one such piece of art. The vaguely Metropolis-esque robot even managed to kick up an idea that GTA 6 will take on a sci-fi setting to compete with Cyberpunk 2077. Somehow.

Since Open Wheel Races has been released since the tweet, Rockstar has made the video public (we also have our own Open Wheel Racing guide video). The new DLC is focused on an approximation of Formula 1 racing, so it is safe to assume it has nothing to do with the golden robot in the artwork - especially considering that the artwork went live much earlier.

Sometimes, cool art is just cool art. If you are interested in what little we actually know about GTA 6, check out this article!

Aron Gerencser
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